Friday, January 22, 2010

Mismatched Bridesmaids

The trend of mismatched bridesmaid dresses has been around for a while now but I am pretty sure it is here to stay.  Your bridesmaids most likely do not have the same fashion-sense, and are probably not the same size with the same skin-tone so having your maids wear the exact same dress or even in the same color is not always going to work. Letting your maids select their dress in a style that suits their body type allows the girls to reflect their own individual styles and be comfortable in their selection.

Here are a few tips for pulling it off:
  • Decide how mismatched you want to go:
    • Different style dresses in the same color/fabric from a specific designer.
    • Different style dresses in different colors from the same designer.
    • Totally mismatched – any style dress, from any designer, in a specific color scheme.
  • Probably the easiest route is selecting the same designer and allowing the girls to choose a dress style from that collection. Because this trend is so popular you will have no problem selecting a designer and having a vast selection of styles to choose from. (Audey, Ciarla, and Siri collections make this process extremely easy!)
  • If you decide on a color palette but are letting the girls select any dress they want from any designer make sure to give each girl a color swatch to give them some guidance.
  • Fill your maids in on what details you prefer – short vs. long, taffeta vs. chiffon, prints vs. solids, etc.

    With the Ciarla collection you can select from six different bodices.

Bridesmaids wearing Ciarla.
(photo by Shawn Connell/Christian Oth Photography)

Each maid in the following two bridal parties wore the same color/fabric but different styles.
The dresses are by Siri.

Let your maids choose any of the Lela Rose crinkle chiffon dresses and they'll look adorable!
You could mix the colors up too!

With the Audey collection you can build your own dress.  So the girls can choose their top & skirt styles.  Plus there are a ton of fabrics to choose from, including prints & solids.

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