Friday, February 12, 2010

Can I really wear two bridal gowns?

Many brides are choosing to wear two different wedding gowns for their big day – one for the ceremony that is more traditional and formal and then a reception gown that is more of a fun, party dress. I love shopping and any reason for me to be able to buy more than one of anything, especially dresses, makes me very happy! But there are other good, and practical, reasons too.

Having a second gown allows you to express what you may have not been able to with the first gown. You may want something a little sexier for the reception. Or maybe you have two different styles you can’t decide between. Let’s say you love a traditional bridal gown but at the same time you really want a more modern one-shoulder look in a fitted silhouette. The traditional style is great for the ceremony and the trendy gown fits the reception perfectly.

Plus, if you really like to rip it up on the dance floor the gown that you choose to wear to the ceremony may just not be the most practical for the reception. Dancing can become difficult and even painful in a heavy gown with a long train. Just think how much more comfy you’d be in a cute, little cocktail number or a long, lightweight dress with no train. There are so many amazing party dresses out there right now like vintage-inspired tea dresses or modern cocktail dresses with spaghetti straps that the options are endless!

And having a second gown doesn’t have to mean adding a huge expense to your budget. Many designers offer tea-length and cocktail party style gowns at lower price points. And this is where buying a bridesmaid dress in white/ivory would be perfect. For a couple hundred bucks you could have a second gown!

Here are some of our top picks for a fabulous, but inexpensive, second gown:
Wtoo Duchess Satin Cocktail Dress

Sarah Danielle Chiffon Gown

Ciarla Silk Taffeta Cocktail Dress

Wtoo Crinkle Chiffon Gown

Siri Party Eyelet Tea Dress

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