Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fancy this . . .

Century Farmhouse Artisan Soaps
It almost sounds too good to be true: handmade soaps created in a historic 140 year-old log farmhouse that has been in one family’s ownership since the 1880s, located in the lush Kettle Moraine region of southeastern Wisconsin, and made to pay homage to a beloved grandmother who crafted her own soaps in a bubbling pot in the back garden. The amazing thing is that it’s all true! And you can tell by the wonderful soaps made by Anne Marie of Century Farmhouse. The creamy soaps are made with all natural ingredients and naturally scented with essential plant oils. Many of Anne Marie’s basic ingredients reflect a deep love and attachment to her immediate environment: snow, filtered rainwater, maple sap, and botanicals grown organically in her own garden.

I met Anne Marie and fell in love with her soaps at a wedding expo a few weeks ago. The scents are amazing on all of the soaps; it is unbelievable what she has captured in those little bars! But my favorite by far was the Wedding Wish soap. The rich & creamy soap is packaged in a cute little cube tied with white ribbon and the scent is a combo of frankincense & roses, reminiscent of the elusive scent of heather. This special soap is made for love & luck, based on the Scottish legend of the white heather. It is a perfect gift for any bride or makes a great wedding favor. I know I’ll be gifting a few brides one of these and I’ll probably buy a few more for myself as well (probably the organic tea soap…yum)!

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