Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to choose the perfect bridal gown for your body shape

When it comes to bridal gowns, the possibilities are as endless as each bride is unique.  However, in the quest for the perfect dress, every bride is essentially looking for the same dress.  By that I mean every bride wants a dress that makes her feel confident as she walks down the aisle and comfortable all night long.  Most importantly, all brides are looking for their “WOW” dress.  The gown you put on and the room just gets brighter.  The one you can’t wait to show off and never want to take off!  Basically, the dress that makes you feel absolutely beautiful. But, with so many bridal dresses to choose from, how can you find your “WOW” dress without looking through hundreds of duds?

Start with the silhouette.  This refers to the shape of the gown and is one of the key elements (along with neckline) in dressing to flatter your figure.  Finding out what silhouette best suits your style and shape will narrow your scope and help you to find that perfect dress, your “WOW” dress!

* ALL of the gowns in the following pictures are by designers offered at Miss Ruby, enjoy!

Ball Gowns
This is the most romantic and formal of all the bridal silhouettes.  Introduced by Queen Victoria and re-imagined in the 1950's by Dior, this dress is never far out of style. It is characterized by a fitted bodice and a small waistline which leads to a full, voluminous skirt. 
Recommended:  Medium and Tall heights with Hourglass, Full or Pear figures
Not Recommended:  Particularly Short and/or Petite brides

This is for the ladies that are comfortable with their curves.  Marilyn Monroe flaunted this style in the 50's, where darts, tucks and seams were used to create curvaceous silhouettes. (Not the stretch fabric of today.) This artfully sculpted dress contours and elongates the body from top to bottom.
Recommended:  Slim Hipped, Slender, Tall or Petite women and Hourglass figures
Not Recommended:  Pear shapes, Full figures and Thick or Short-Waisted brides

This silhouette is the most universally flattering!  The name comes from the triangle or "A" shape that is formed between the narrow bodice and the outer edges of a flared skirt.  This dress works to lengthen the brides appearance and slim the waist. It can also work to hide full hips.
Recommended:  Slim, Petite, Hourglass, Full figured, Pear-shaped and Short waisted brides
Not Recommended:  Brides with a thick waist as the hourglass shape will accentuate the waist.

The empire silhouette can both be youthful and elegant.  It features a very high waist, flattering to small chested women and the raised waist creates a long line, perfect for petite brides.  The skirt can be either straight or flared.
Recommended: Petite, Pear and Thick waisted figures
Not Recommended:  Hourglass and Full figured bodies

The mermaid is a modern and sexy silhouette just made to highlight the curves of a woman.  It hugs all around
the top of the body through the hips, but jets out into a fuller skirt at the bottom.
Recommended:  Hourglass figures
Not Recommended:  Very Petite or Full figured brides

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Unknown said...

I think most of these dresses are beautiful, but I must say the mermaid cut is my favorite. It really highlights curves. Very pretty!