Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding day bling

As we all know, more goes into completing an everyday outfit than simply the clothes, so by  no surprise more goes into your wedding day fashion than simply the dress. Jewelry is that extra something that polishes any look.

The first thing to remember when choosing your wedding day jewelry is less is more. A bride should never be outdone by her jewelry. It should simply compliment her and the dress.  Therefore, when choosing which precious metals to adorn, see what highlights your dress. For a white gown, gold embellishments may clash with the bright white hue, try pearl and/or platinum. A barely off-white gown can go with almost anything. It works with silver, gold, rose gold, and pearl to name a few. And finally, for those soft ivory gowns try gold jewelry, as it will highlight the creamy or yellow undertones of the dress.

As a must to remember with all things, jewelry being no exception, your wedding day style should be a reflection of you. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a certain piece of jewelry, don't wear it. If instead of huge chandelier earrings, you love studs...wear studs. Not into diamond chokers. Opt for a long string of pearls. When you are comfortable in all your bling, then your wedding day style is sure to shine!

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