Friday, April 9, 2010

Where I love to SHOP

There is no question that I love to shop and when I need something other than dresses I hit some of the local boutiques. I know how important it is to shop local – it keeps more money in our hometown - supporting our community’s social services, schools, public libraries, etc, etc. In fact locally-owned businesses return about 80% of each dollar to their community. So, I love to shop local for that reason but also because boutiques tend to offer such a better selection than what you’ll find at the mall or other large retailers. I tend to see the same items over and over again at the mall and nothing is really that appealing. The boutiques on the other hand always seem to have something new and different.

And my favorite boutique in town, SHOP, definitely does just that. SHOP is located on Capitol Drive in Shorewood and is owned by mother-daughter duo, Mary & Liz. They are such a cute little duo and so fun to work with! Every time I visit the boutique I find way too many pieces that I can’t live without. Visit SHOP and you’ll find denim, yoga & comfy weekend wear, work clothes and of course lots of pieces to wear on a night out. They just seem to have the perfect combination of offerings so no matter what you need you’ll find it there. Even fantastic scarves that make great gifts! You can tell that they spend a lot of time scouring trade shows looking for items not found elsewhere in Milwaukee. Plus, because their items are a little more classic, they’ll stick around for a while.

So make sure to think about shopping local next time you are in need of some new clothing & accessories. And then make sure to hit SHOP. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!

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