Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Destination: Italy

When it comes to destination weddings, Italy may be the the pinnacle of locations. Full of history and light, it seems like every inch of Italy is picture-worthy, making it a perfect backdrop for all of your wedding pictures. Whether you choose to celebrate in the hills of Tuscany or on the cobblestone streets of an ancient city, a wedding in Italy is sure to be the event of a lifetime! Check out these breathtaking pictures from around the web of couples who chose to tie the knot in Italy. Even if you are keeping your wedding local, you can use these as inspiration to celebrate amore at home!

Add the language of love to your wedding decorations.
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One pinner said this wedding was straight our of "The Godfather," and we couldn't agree more!
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This wedding in Portofino is picture perfect!
More photos from this wedding here.

Italian wedding cookies are a delicious tradition!
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Can you believe this space in Italy is available to rent?
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A rustic Tuscan wedding will make lasting memories!
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This traditional space is reminiscent of Renaissance Italy.
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A wedding in Italy doesn't have to mean traditional.
Grab a Vespa and a polka-dot dress, and you're good to go!
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A kiss in the middle of a gorgeous historical setting - it doesn't get any more romantic than that!
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Just Married - Italian Style!
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