Monday, August 12, 2013

Just In: The Aria Bridesmaids Collection

We are proud to announce our brand new bridesmaids collection by the designer Aria. We have been carrying Aria bridal gowns for many seasons, and are finally adding their fabulous bridesmaids collection to our Bridesmaid Suite.

Everything we love about Aria's bridal gowns is brought right to their bridesmaids dresses! All the dresses are customizable to fit your girls' tastes, so you can mix-and-match the top and skirt to make your girls feel like they look their best. And with them being made in the USA, you can feel extra good about your gorgeous dresses!

Take a look at our new arrivals . . .

Aria 121
Aria 121 (back)

Aria 141
Aria 142

Aria 173
Aria 173 (back)

Aria 186 
Aria 186 (back)

Aria 276
Aria 611

Aria 612
Aria 616

Aria 617
Aria 619

Aria 622

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