Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just In: Siri Bridesmaids

Siri has really "wow-ed" us with their new bridesmaids dresses. The Camellia and Magnolia Pouf dresses are like nothing we have ever seen before and will definitely make your bridesmaids stand apart from the crowd. While they can be ordered in a variety of fabrics, we have them in Siri's brand new Metallic Melange - a shimmery fabric with a unique texture. Their bubble hems are also optional, and can always be ordered in a more traditional style.

Like always, Siri's dresses are beautiful and made impeccably. Camellia and Magnolia are great additions to our collection!

Siri Magnolia 
Siri Magnolia (back)

Siri Camellia
Siri Camellia (back)

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