Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rules for Picking a Perfect Mother of the Bride/Groom Dress

As a mom, picking out a dress for your son or daughter's wedding can difficult. After all, the bride knows what she is expected to wear. But when it comes to moms, the rules get a little difficult. There are so many different shades, shapes and styles to choose from that many moms can feel overwhelmed - wanting to please the bride but also pick something that makes them look perfect.

We work with moms every day, and have compiled a list of "Rules" for moms to follow when picking out a dress. Use these as a guide so that you or your mom can look beautiful on the big day.

#1: There is no such thing as "age-appropriate"
       What we mean by this is that there is no one thing you are "required" or "not allowed" to wear on your son or daughters wedding day. We had a mom in recently who found a strapless, cocktail length dress that looked amazing on her. We have other moms who want sleeves so they feel more covered. And the best part is - both are fine! No matter your age, you know what your taste level is better than anyone. Don't let any person or magazine article tell you to dress a certain way just because of your age!

A breathtaking picture of a bride and her biggest fan - her mom

#2: Consider the bride's wedding vision (but use your best judgement)
       We have a lot of moms who find their dress right away, but spend most of their appointment pouring over the color swatches, wanting to be sure that they are getting the absolute perfect shade of red (or pink, or grey, etc) that exactly matches the napkins on the table, flowers in the bouquet, or some other detail in the wedding. When we run into this, the best advice we can give is to consider the overall vision of the wedding, rather than being stuck on a certain color.

If the bride is doing a fall wedding, chances are she would rather have you in a gorgeous burgundy dress than a mediocre one in a specific shade of orange. If the bride requires black, having a dress with a subtle navy lining that makes the black lace "pop" is going to make her just as happy. We aren't saying that you should make your own rules if the bride has laid them out for you, just remember that she would rather have you in something you look beautiful and comfortable in, rather than something that looks forced.

No matter how old, every girl still needs her mom on her wedding day!

#3: Bring reinforcements
       If you know you are the kind of person who needs a second (or third!) opinion, then by all means, bring them to your appointment. If there is a friend who has great style or your husband always tells you the truth, having them at your appointment can give you reassurance of both your likes and dislikes. Even better yet, if possible, bring the bride! Many moms always want a final "ok" from the bride herself, and this is a perfect way to do so!

Even Grandma can get in on all the fun!

#4: Confidence is key
      Every woman everywhere has body issues. It's a fact. The key to getting a perfect dress isn't having the perfect body, it's having a dress that fits your body perfectly. If you have a tummy you would rather disguise, choose something with ruching. If your trouble area is your arms, a 3-quarter length sleeve is exactly what you need. And if you aren't sure, ask your Miss Ruby consultant! They will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Having the right dress will allow you to focus on the important things

#5: Pick something you are comfortable in
      This is the most important rule for everyone. Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid, flower girl, or mom, having a dress that you feel comfortable and beautiful in is the first priority! It is the single best way to exude confidence at the wedding. If you pick something you love, you will look back at pictures years from now and only see wonderful memories.

A picture with mom and new bride is a must for any groom!

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