Monday, April 10, 2017

An Introduction to Bustles

First of all, what is a bustle? 

A bustle gathers up the fabric of your train with buttons or ties to keep the hem of your gown from dragging on the floor. The train of your gown would usually be bustled after the ceremony & photos so you may easily walk, dance, and have fun at your reception. 

Take a look below to see the 3 most common types of bustles and which type you should use for your wedding day. 

- The Over Bustle -

The over bustle is the easiest and simplest bustle. There is usually one point, placed in the center back, where the train naturally begins. There could also be two to four supporting points beside it depending on how heavy and long your train is. The bustle will be strategically lifted to where the hem barely touches the floor.

This bustle would be ideal for lightweight dresses and/or dresses with a scalloped lace hem, because you wouldn’t want to hide that beautiful hem! 

- Under Bustle or French Bustle - 

Unlike the Over Bustle, the Under Bustle (or as it is more commonly called, the French Bustle) has points throughout the inside of the train. This means that your bridesmaids will have to get under your train and tie the points together! The finished look has a very elegant look, and mimics the look of layers or "pickups" through the back of your skirt. 

A French Bustle is ideal for fit and flare dresses or dresses with a longer train. 

- The Ballgown Bustle - 

This bustle is the most difficult bustle, but it gives the right dress a beautiful finish. This bustle will have multiple points throughout the back of the dress. The points will be lifted from under the dress, kind of like the under bustle but these points are only lifted from the hem. The result is a "bubble hem" type of look that gives ballgown dresses a clean edge throughout the hem.

As the name suggests, this is best for ballgown dresses with no lace scalloping on the hem. 

When done correctly, bustles can look just as beautiful as trains. 
Consult your tailor or seamstress for even more information on the perfect bustle for you!

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