Monday, April 17, 2017

Bridesmaids Fabrics 101

Which fabric should I choose for my bridesmaids? And what exactly is the difference? 

Miss Ruby Stylists are experts on fabrics. But don't worry, we don't expect our customers to be! Take a look below to learn the difference between the 4 major types of fabrics & you will be able to decide which look will be perfect for your beautiful bridal party! 

- Chiffon - 

Chiffon is easily our most popular bridesmaid dress fabric. It's lightweight & flows beautifully. Because it is perfect for draping or pleating, chiffon dresses tend to be universally flattering for most body types. 

Chiffon gives a traditional bridal party look. It's is perfect for spring, summer, or early fall weddings, as it is lightweight and will keep your girls cool. 

- Satin -

Satin is a sleek, smooth fabric with a luxurious sheen. Because it is a thicker fabric, it hugs the body beautifully and is better for more form-fitting styles. Of all the fabrics, this is the heaviest, so it easily hides imperfections.

Satin is ideal for fall or winter weddings, and when you want a lux & formal look. 

- Dupioni -

Dupioni is a medium-weight fabric that tends to be more structured structured, making it perfect for a dramatic, cocktail length dress. It does have a satiny sheen that makes the color of the dress pop, however unlike satin, dupioni has a more textured look and natural imperfection in the fabric. 

This fabric is a great choice for fall or winter weddings.

- Tulle - 

Tulle is the "tu-tu fabric" that has a net-like, sheer look. Tulle is lightweight and comfortable, and creates a voluminous and soft look that brides love. There is definitely a romantic, bohemian look that is conveyed by this fabric, so make sure it matches your style and venue. 

Because it is so lightweight and versatile, it's perfect for a spring or summer outdoor weddings.


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