Monday, April 24, 2017

How to Choose a Veil Length

A veil is a must-have on your wedding day. The decision to buy one veil over another comes down to how much you want to jazz up or soften the look of your wedding dress. No matter your dress, style, or venue, there is sure to be a veil that will complement your bridal look.

 Take a look below to find which veil length will create the look you'll love. 

Birdcage Veil 

Birdcage veils are the shortest length, and are a beautiful choice for brides who want a veil without much fuss. The birdcage veil often uses one layer of French netting or silk tulle with an option of decorations such as crystals, pearls and diamonds. It is often attached to the hair with pins, combs or clips. Flowers or feathers can also be added as an extra adornment. 

This type of look is small but statement making! It works best for brides who want a glamorous vintage look, as these veils are reminiscent of brides in the early 20th century. 

Elbow Length

Elbow length veils are elegant and easy to handle and are very romantic without the hassle of carrying a full length veil behind you. These are perfect if you’re wearing a full dress or ball gown as they end just about at the point where the skirt of your gown starts, which is super flattering. 

Elbow length veils are elegant without being too traditional. They are perfect for brides who are having a more relaxed or whimsical style wedding. 

Fingertip Length

This length veil is easily our most popular at Miss Ruby Boutique. It's not surprising that it's also the most flattering length for brides. This veil looks beautiful on any body type and coordinates perfectly with most gown styles. It is a great choice because it allows a bride to wear a veil that won’t block the  beautiful details on the back of her gown.

We recommend this length to almost everyone who wants a traditional bridal look. Choose a beautiful edging and you're good to go!

Cathedral Length Veil

These are the longest types of veils that you can buy. They are considered very formal and are better suited for a more traditional wedding (as opposed to a destination or beach wedding.) The veil should extend past the bride’s train, and when spread out still allow the gown to be seen. This veil is also the most difficult to manage, but they are beautiful to photograph and make a lasting impression. 

Cathedral length veils work best in a more traditional setting & look best paired with gowns that have a somewhat substantial train. These veils are incredibly statement making, meaning that modern and fashion-forward brides consider this veil a must have. 

Miss Ruby Boutique has every length and style listed here!

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