Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Accessory Mistakes Every Bride Makes!

When it comes to brides putting their wedding day looks together, its safe to say that we've seen it ALL! Often, brides put all of their focus into their wedding dress, without even realizing that her accessories are truly what take a look from "seen it before" to "worth a second look!"

Bridal gowns are so beautiful, but accessories are what that truly set their look apart. Here are common mistakes brides make when it comes to finding the perfect accessories to compliment her gown. 

1. Leaving Accessories Until the Last Minute

We completely understand that the last few months before the wedding are full of things that need to be completed. Sometimes, something as little a a pair of earrings can seem insignificant compared to scheduling, family issues, and other last minute surprises. These brides are then left scrambling for accessories just days before the wedding. 

You accessories are meant to compliment your bridal gown, so don't leave them until the last minute! With all the planning that goes into your bridal gown, why pair it with jewelry or accessories that cheapen the look? Setting aside specific time to find your accessories will ensure you aren't left empty handed.

Make it a goal to find all of your accessories 3-4 months before the wedding. 

2. Buying Accessories Blindly 

The internet has a ton of great places to buy accessories. There are also a ton of websites that sell jewelry, sashes, and other accessories for an incredibly low cost, which makes them ultra appealing to brides on a budget. 

However, we know that it is often hard to know how well accessories pair with your gown without actually trying them on with your gown! Ensure that you only spend money on quality items that compliment (not clash with) your bridal gown by trying all of your accessories on together.

Find accessories at your bridal pickup appointment or at a Bridal Styling Night so you can try the whole look on for size. 

3. Depending on Family Heirlooms

Every family has a veil or strand of pearls that is up for grabs on your wedding day. We totally understand the appeal of this! It's a great way to tie the past and present together and show your closest family members how much they mean to you. 

With that said, we always recommend adding your own unique accessory so that you have your own heirloom to pass down as well! Just like wearing your mom's veil and your grandma's pearls means the world to you, be sure you have a special piece so that you can extend the same favor to the next generation. 

The key to an instant heirloom is ensuring it is a high quality item. Swarovski crystals, precious metals, and exquisite laces will stay beautiful for years and never go out of style. 

4. Skimping on the Sparkles

When brides create a bridal gown budget, they often only plan on paying for the dress. Lots of times, brides spend all of their money on a gown and then are left with pennies to pay for the finishing touches. 

Not accurately budgeting for your bridal accessories is a surefire way to end up with a lackluster bridal look. One reason is because the discounted items you see on the internet are often of inferior quality. Paring low quality accessories with your bridal gown is the easiest way to cheapen the look of your amazing designer dress. 

Create a realistic bridal gown budget ahead of time that includes the cost of your gown, alterations, shoes, and all of your accessories. 

5. Being Afraid to Make a Statement

It is easy to go overboard on accessories. With that said, your wedding is the one day you truly get to shine and can take a few risks with your look. While you don't want accessories that overwhelm you, scaling back on sparkle doesn't allow it to complete your look. 

Veils are also a place where brides often hesitate. While they may not be for everyone, sometimes brides say "no" to veils not because they don't like them, but because they are unfamiliar. 

A Bridal Stylist will make sure your accessories enhance your bridal look. They'll also be honest with you and never let you go overboard. 

How Do I Put It All Together?

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These special, hour-long appointments are the perfect time for brides to put on their dress and create a head to toe look worthy of your wedding day. 

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