Monday, April 23, 2018

How a Miss Ruby Stylist Plans a Wedding...

We're lucky enough to have two bride-to-be's currently working at Miss Ruby Boutique! We wanted them to share their wedding planning experiences and inspiration with our followers so other Milwaukee bride's can learn just how Bridal Stylists plan their own weddings!

Meet Adrianna

Adrianna has been a part-time Miss Ruby Stylist for nearly 2 years! She is currently a full time student at Whitewater where she is studying Communications. Her fiancé Justen and her got engaged last year and are planning a wedding for June 2019.

1. What is your overall style or theme for the wedding & how did you choose it?

 My overall theme for my wedding is classic and timeless along with a hint of glam! I chose it based off of my personality along with what I would want to see when looking back 30 years on memories of the big day. And of course, Pinterest also helped!

2. What are your wedding colors & where did you get inspired to use these colors?

The wedding colors will be a dusty blue with silver accents. I plan to be doing a lot of greenery with white floral and pops of pale pink! I got inspired to use these colors by my everyday wardrobe. I love the color blue along with my ring being silver, I felt that it would be a great fit!

3. Where is your venue & how did you choose it?

Our ceremony venue is at the Basilica of St. Josaphat while our reception venue is at the Italian Community Center. Justen and I are both religious - Therefore, the ceremony location was an easy choice. For our reception venue, we chose the Italian Community Center due to it being recently remodeled and Bartlotta's caters the venue which has amazing food! Not to mention, I am Italian so I grew up attending events there often with family!

4. Are there any vendors you are super excited about using?

 A vendor I am super excited to be using is Maison Meredith Photography! Her work is amazing and our personalities click so well. It is definitely one of the wedding day aspects, I am most looking forward to.

5. What has been the hardest part of wedding planning?

Hardest part of wedding planning for me has been budgeting. It is so difficult to develop a realistic budget and to stick with it! My fiance and I had to communicate with one another thoroughly to decide which areas we thought were worth splurging.

6. What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?

Justen and I have been together for 5 years and have dated throughout high school, and now college. Marrying him is the most thing I am excited about along with reuniting with friends and family who plan on coming to the wedding.

7. What look are you putting together for bridesmaids?

For bridesmaids, I plan to have my girls in shades of dusty blue dresses along with silver jewelry.

8. What accessories are you adding to your dress?

For accessorizing my bridal gown, I will be doing minimum jewelry, such as drop earrings and perhaps a bracelet. The accessory I am letting be the main focus is my veil. I plan on ordering a long, dramatic custom veil from Jennifer Leigh which will feature some lace on the edge.

9. What is getting you through the wedding planning process?

Something that has been getting me through the wedding planning process is my mom and best friend, Morgan! They have been helping out tremendously and are always there to give me an honest opinion.

10. As a bride-to-be, what one piece of advice do you have for other Milwaukee brides?

My advice is to do what makes you and your fiance happy! You will never please everyone and not everyone is going to have the same taste as you, which is fine! I learned through the wedding planning process, everyone has different opinions but at the end of the day, the ones that really only matter is yours and your fiance's. 

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