Monday, April 24, 2017

How to Choose a Veil Length

A veil is a must-have on your wedding day. The decision to buy one veil over another comes down to how much you want to jazz up or soften the look of your wedding dress. No matter your dress, style, or venue, there is sure to be a veil that will complement your bridal look.

 Take a look below to find which veil length will create the look you'll love. 

Birdcage Veil 

Birdcage veils are the shortest length, and are a beautiful choice for brides who want a veil without much fuss. The birdcage veil often uses one layer of French netting or silk tulle with an option of decorations such as crystals, pearls and diamonds. It is often attached to the hair with pins, combs or clips. Flowers or feathers can also be added as an extra adornment. 

This type of look is small but statement making! It works best for brides who want a glamorous vintage look, as these veils are reminiscent of brides in the early 20th century. 

Elbow Length

Elbow length veils are elegant and easy to handle and are very romantic without the hassle of carrying a full length veil behind you. These are perfect if you’re wearing a full dress or ball gown as they end just about at the point where the skirt of your gown starts, which is super flattering. 

Elbow length veils are elegant without being too traditional. They are perfect for brides who are having a more relaxed or whimsical style wedding. 

Fingertip Length

This length veil is easily our most popular at Miss Ruby Boutique. It's not surprising that it's also the most flattering length for brides. This veil looks beautiful on any body type and coordinates perfectly with most gown styles. It is a great choice because it allows a bride to wear a veil that won’t block the  beautiful details on the back of her gown.

We recommend this length to almost everyone who wants a traditional bridal look. Choose a beautiful edging and you're good to go!

Cathedral Length Veil

These are the longest types of veils that you can buy. They are considered very formal and are better suited for a more traditional wedding (as opposed to a destination or beach wedding.) The veil should extend past the bride’s train, and when spread out still allow the gown to be seen. This veil is also the most difficult to manage, but they are beautiful to photograph and make a lasting impression. 

Cathedral length veils work best in a more traditional setting & look best paired with gowns that have a somewhat substantial train. These veils are incredibly statement making, meaning that modern and fashion-forward brides consider this veil a must have. 

Miss Ruby Boutique has every length and style listed here!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Bridesmaids Fabrics 101

Which fabric should I choose for my bridesmaids? And what exactly is the difference? 

Miss Ruby Stylists are experts on fabrics. But don't worry, we don't expect our customers to be! Take a look below to learn the difference between the 4 major types of fabrics & you will be able to decide which look will be perfect for your beautiful bridal party! 

- Chiffon - 

Chiffon is easily our most popular bridesmaid dress fabric. It's lightweight & flows beautifully. Because it is perfect for draping or pleating, chiffon dresses tend to be universally flattering for most body types. 

Chiffon gives a traditional bridal party look. It's is perfect for spring, summer, or early fall weddings, as it is lightweight and will keep your girls cool. 

- Satin -

Satin is a sleek, smooth fabric with a luxurious sheen. Because it is a thicker fabric, it hugs the body beautifully and is better for more form-fitting styles. Of all the fabrics, this is the heaviest, so it easily hides imperfections.

Satin is ideal for fall or winter weddings, and when you want a lux & formal look. 

- Dupioni -

Dupioni is a medium-weight fabric that tends to be more structured structured, making it perfect for a dramatic, cocktail length dress. It does have a satiny sheen that makes the color of the dress pop, however unlike satin, dupioni has a more textured look and natural imperfection in the fabric. 

This fabric is a great choice for fall or winter weddings.

- Tulle - 

Tulle is the "tu-tu fabric" that has a net-like, sheer look. Tulle is lightweight and comfortable, and creates a voluminous and soft look that brides love. There is definitely a romantic, bohemian look that is conveyed by this fabric, so make sure it matches your style and venue. 

Because it is so lightweight and versatile, it's perfect for a spring or summer outdoor weddings.


Monday, April 10, 2017

An Introduction to Bustles

First of all, what is a bustle? 

A bustle gathers up the fabric of your train with buttons or ties to keep the hem of your gown from dragging on the floor. The train of your gown would usually be bustled after the ceremony & photos so you may easily walk, dance, and have fun at your reception. 

Take a look below to see the 3 most common types of bustles and which type you should use for your wedding day. 

- The Over Bustle -

The over bustle is the easiest and simplest bustle. There is usually one point, placed in the center back, where the train naturally begins. There could also be two to four supporting points beside it depending on how heavy and long your train is. The bustle will be strategically lifted to where the hem barely touches the floor.

This bustle would be ideal for lightweight dresses and/or dresses with a scalloped lace hem, because you wouldn’t want to hide that beautiful hem! 

- Under Bustle or French Bustle - 

Unlike the Over Bustle, the Under Bustle (or as it is more commonly called, the French Bustle) has points throughout the inside of the train. This means that your bridesmaids will have to get under your train and tie the points together! The finished look has a very elegant look, and mimics the look of layers or "pickups" through the back of your skirt. 

A French Bustle is ideal for fit and flare dresses or dresses with a longer train. 

- The Ballgown Bustle - 

This bustle is the most difficult bustle, but it gives the right dress a beautiful finish. This bustle will have multiple points throughout the back of the dress. The points will be lifted from under the dress, kind of like the under bustle but these points are only lifted from the hem. The result is a "bubble hem" type of look that gives ballgown dresses a clean edge throughout the hem.

As the name suggests, this is best for ballgown dresses with no lace scalloping on the hem. 

When done correctly, bustles can look just as beautiful as trains. 
Consult your tailor or seamstress for even more information on the perfect bustle for you!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Stylists Share Their Fashion Icons

We don't want to sound full of ourselves, but we have some pretty stylish ladies working at our boutique. We encourage our Miss Ruby gals to let their individual styles shine. The result is an excellent group with many different fashion viewpoints. 

We asked our stylists 
"Who is Your Celebrity Fashion Icon?" 
Here is what they said: 

- Meghan -

Meghan said, "If I could get away with looking like Kate Middleton every day, but still could feel comfortable, I totally would." She gave Kate's outerwear choices as the perfect example of her effortless style. "She has my dream coat," she said "It's a classic style in a fun print and I totally want it!"

- Sadee - 

Sadee is drawn to Amal Clooney's simple and bright styles. "I am drawn to her because she wears plain, color block items, but she always has that one item that gives her entire outfit a much needed pop," Sadee said. Her favorite look? She singled out Amal's Akris mini dress with knee high Altuzarra boots, pictured above. 

- Hillary - 

Hillary didn't need time to think when asked about her fashion icon. She said, "Carrie Bradshaw is, was, and always will be my style icon." Even though Sex & the City went off the air years ago, she thinks Carrie's looks just get better with time. "The more retro they are, the more I seem to love them. Her Dior newspaper print dress is my absolute favorite." 

- Sara - 

Sara is a huge fan of Rihanna, loving how versatile and unique her fashion choices are. "I really love Rihanna's style because she changes it up so much! She is simple and classic one day, and the next she is different and funky," Sara said. 

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Shop Our Looks From "Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride"

Every year, we get invited to attend the Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride show at the iconic Pfister Hotel. We love attending this wedding show because it showcases the absolute best wedding vendors that our city has to offer. It is over-the-top in the best possible way, giving brides & their guests an exclusive look at how to create the perfect Milwaukee Wedding. 

From our gorgeous models to our beautiful booth, take a look at our photos and shop our looks below!

Robert Bullock "Opal" - Mikaella #2106 - Alyssa Kristin "Layla
Mikaella #2100 - Robert Bullock "Sunni" - Enzoani "Jin" 

Wtoo "Sookie" - After Six #6766

Montage by Mon Cheri #117905

Mikaella #2118

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Mother of Occasion Trunk Show Preview

Montage by Mon Cheri has gorgeous, decadent styles that are the perfect pick for any Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom! With styles that range from glamorous & glitzy to understated & elegant, every Mom will find the perfect dress for her upcoming special occasion at this Trunk Show!

Take a look below at a select preview of styles. 
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Friday, March 17 - Sunday March, 19