Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Dangers of Over-Shopping

Television and movies would make you believe that you can't find your wedding dress without visiting every single store in the city! Trust us when we say that is NOT the case in real life. 

We talk to brides in all stages of their bridal gown shopping journey and one thing is very clear: Over-Shopping is a very dangerous thing. Before you try on 100's of dresses in search of "The One," take a look below at 4 very real Dangers of Over-Shopping. 

1. It Gets MORE Confusing

Many brides think that the more stores they go to, the more confident they will be in their final decision. It's often too late before they realize that the opposite is true. 

Brides usually end up having a "favorite" at every store. The problem is that if you have 7 favorites at 7 different stores, by the time you get to the 7th Favorite, it's hard to remember what you even liked about the first (or second, or third). Plus, those dresses are never going to be in the same room, making them nearly impossible to compare.

2. It Stalls the Rest of Your Planning

Brides who are shoppers in their normal life see Bridal Shopping as the pinnacle shopping experience. For this reason, they can be hesitant to say "Yes" to the dress because they don't want the shopping to end. 

There are so many aspects of your wedding that can't even get started until you know for sure what you are wearing, including (but not limited to) your hair, makeup, shoes, accessories, jewelry, bridesmaids dresses, groom's look, etc. Taking several months to shop for a gown gives you less time on these equally important decisions. 

3. It Stops Being Fun

We can spot an Over-Shopper a mile away. She comes in with a much different attitude than someone who has kept the planning process simple. To be honest, she comes in having a lot less fun. 

Bridal shopping can get overwhelming very quickly. Every store has dozens of beautiful dresses, and it can become a chore to try to find something wrong (or something right) about the 90th wedding dress of the day. Even friends and family get burnt out from giving their opinions, which makes decision making even more confusing for the bride. 

4. It Takes Away The Moment

Finding your wedding gown should be an emotional decision, not an analytical one. There are many examples of times we have seen brides fall in love with a gown...and then talk themselves out of liking it because they "haven't shopped enough." It ruins the magical moment they could have had, and leaves them chasing that feeling. 

Just think about your fiancĂ© proposing to you. If you would have said "I'll need a few days to think about my options" it would have ruined the beautiful moment. Think of dress shopping the same way - if you find one you love, don't be afraid to say "YES!" 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Real Brides Looking Beautiful in Their Wtoo Bridal Gowns

Dresses always look great on models, but we think that to get the best idea of how they look, you have to see them on real brides! The photos below all capture the true beauty of our Wtoo bridal gowns because they show real women at their real weddings looking really, really stunning. Cheers to that!

Pippin by Wtoo
Marnie by Wtoo
Marie by Wtoo
Julienne by Wtoo
Agatha by Wtoo
Agatha by Wtoo
Maelin Corset by Wtoo

Like what you see?

The Newest Bridal Gown Arrivals From Willowby

Fall 2017 gowns have arrived in store! Below are two of our favorites from Willowby by Watters, an etherial brand that perfectly suits today's modern boho bride. Guests to our store are already falling in love with the beautiful lace details and silhouettes. 

Learn more about each gown below, 
then visit our boutique to try them on!

Willowby Asa

A breezy silhouette is paired with a Sunkissed nude lining, making the lace pattern pop as you walk down the aisle. 

Willowby Haizea

Sleek & elegant, this dress is for the bride who isn't afraid of making a statement. The Trellis Lace pattern trails perfectly down the skirt, making every bride look like a bombshell. 

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Look Stylish at Summer Weddings

Dressing up for weddings is always fun - and somewhat challenging! You want to stand out but make sure that you don't steal the show. 

We asked our always stylish staff members: 
What Are You Wearing to Summer Weddings? 
(feel free to steal their looks!) 

Tailored Jumpsuits

Sadee said she's wearing a tailored jumpsuit to the summer weddings on her schedule. They're perfectly on trend - "And you don't have to shave your legs if you don't want to!" she said. 

Pretty Pastels

Always elegant Adrianna said that she plans on wearing strappy, pastel dresses to her friend's wedding this summer. "It looks relaxed, but appropriate for a summer wedding," she said. 

Balanced Proportions

Hillary said she would wear something that had an unexpected detail, like a dress with an open back. She says the look is "modest from the front, but just sexy enough to still be fun."

Floral Touches

Jimmy plans on mixing classic and current looks this summer. To him, tailored grey pants with a white, short sleeve button down make the perfect base for a fun accessory like a floral bowtie. "I also love suspenders," he says, "but it would really depend on the occasion."

Photo Credits: Sadee - NBD Jumpsuit@ashleyymari - Adrianna - Lauren James Dress / Pinterest - Hillary - IRO Dress - Jimmy - Looktastic / Gentlemans Club