Friday, December 8, 2017

Shopping Advice from a Fellow Bride-to-Be

While we were browsing planning forums, we ran into Reddit user's da91392 self proclaimed "epiphany"about finding the bridal gown of her dreams. Her advice jumped out to us, because it contains knowledge that we bridal stylists try to share with our brides every single day. 

"I recently posted here about whether I should buy I dress I loved and looked great in. My reservations were because the dress wasn't "exciting" enough -- it just looked like a wedding dress, in a very popular style and shape...I went shopping again today with the same group of people. I came out of the room in a dress I thought was too crazy and over the top and I FINALLY got the reaction I'd been looking for; they couldn't shut up about how great the dress was. And that's when I realized, they were reacting to the drama of the dress. And that's all.

They wanted to see something WOW or with an "X-factor" and I get that, I've watched a billion "Say Yes To The Dress" episodes. I went into dress shopping thinking "I have to get something SPECTACULAR that will take everyone's breath away when they see me," but you know what? 

No, I don't. 
I don't need to be in something no one has ever seen or something to entertain people. 
I can just wear a wedding dress that I love. 

I completely and wholeheartedly understand why brides want to look dramatic and special on their wedding day, and I'm not saying there's a thing wrong with that. You should want to look special. And you should want to look damn good. But I've never been a dramatic or overstated-fashion person, and I don't have to be now. I can wear a good-looking and well-fitting white dress and be overjoyed about doing so. My wedding isn't about entertaining and surprising people, it's about getting married.

I realize all of the pressure to do something ~different~ was self-inflicted. I wanted to make sure I was worthy of being the center of attention on this day. I wanted to try my hardest to insulate myself from any criticism, by picking a breathtaking dress. But I fell absolutely in love with a normal, non-exciting wedding dress, and that's ok! Everyone is going to think I'm beautiful etc. and be happy for me on the day. Because I'm getting married to the love of my life!! How can that not be breathtaking in and of itself?"

Monday, December 4, 2017

New Arrivals - Bridesmaids Dresses for Under $150!

Want styles that you will love to look at in photos and your bridesmaids will have no problem paying for? Our newest arrivals are fashion-forward styles by After Six that are now available in on-trend colors that brides are falling in love with. The best part is their price - not a single one is priced over $150!

Cheers to that!

After Six 1502

After Six 1503

After Six 1504


After Six 1505

After Six 1506

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Real Brides in Mikaella

Models are fine, but at Miss Ruby Boutique we think real girls are the prettiest!

Take a look below at real brides rocking gowns by

Mikaella Bridal

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Jimmy's Favorite Things!

If there is anyone in Milwaukee who knows Bridal Style, it's our very own Sales Manager Jimmy! He specializes not only in sales, but also in training all of our stylists on the ins-and-outs of bridal fashion. Instead of being focused on what is "now," he encourages brides to push outside of the Pinterest comfort zone and choose something that will make a definite statement. 

Want to know how Jimmy would style your wedding? 
Read on to learn what trends are his "Favorite Things"

1. Boho Nouveaux

His favorite bridal gowns this season are all unique & remarkable takes on the classic bohemian bride trend. 

"I'm into soft and feminine gowns with a sexy edge - to me it embodies a bohemian vibe by showing the juxtposition of different aspects of the brides personality! The two Willowby gowns below are two of my favorites and give you an example of looks that I'm dying over!

Pictured Above: Asa & Orion by Willowby Bridal

2. Textured Textiles

"I'm really into bold, geometric textures that give shape and dimension to gowns - think lace but way more modern! It's a great way to stay on-trend, but still look like a classic bride. It's Art Deco without being a Gatsby cliche - perfect!"

gowns from Alyssa Kristin Bridal & Aria Bridal

3. Muted Jewel Tones

"It sounds like a risky move, but if you do it right, you'll create a lux and unforgettable bridal palette. Combine a rich marsala, dusty teal, slate blue, and a deep navy - pops of black, grey, and silver will make it perfect!"

photos from Green Wedding Shoes & Ruffled Blog

4. Olive Branch Inspired Florals

"This has been one of my favorite florals forever. It has a historical significance in terms of bridal and I love how lush it makes a bouquet look. Bonus that it makes for adorable boutonnieres. 

photos from Pinterest

5. Floral Prints & Herringbone

"I'm a sucker for a guy in a bold flower print accessory, and while this trend my not have the longest shelf life, I think it makes a great accent to a great tailored suit coat or a herringbone wool blazer."

photos from Green Wedding Shoes & Punk Monsieur