Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Endless beautiful looks all wrapped up in one little dress

The Miss Ruby Team has become a little obsessed over the Twist dress, so we just had to share this amazing find with all of you!  You now have a dress for every occasion, which are all conveniently found in one dress. This customizable, convertible dress by Dessy and available in 13 colors can take you from a day at work to an elegant wedding and everywhere in between all with just a simple twist.

A flawless fit on women of all shapes and sizes, the twist dress is the perfect style for your bridal party. Develop a uniform look for all your bridesmaids or let them create one of their own. Here are some ideas for the wedding and beyond:

For even more fashion-forward looks check out Dessy’s do-it-yourself video or stop on by Miss Ruby to try it out for yourself! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

What is a trunk show exactly?

We have several upcoming trunk shows so I thought I’d share some tips with you about trunk shows and how to get the most out of them. If you are not familiar with trunk shows here is the skinny! Most boutiques don’t generally carry the entire collection from a particular designer so they host trunk shows where a larger selection of the collection is available at the boutique for a limited time. Trunk shows also offer customers a chance to see the newest collection of gowns which may not always be available in stores yet. 

To make the most out of our upcoming trunk shows make sure to follow these tips:
  1. Start by browsing the designer’s website to get an idea of which styles are the most appealing to you.
  2. Make sure to notify us of the styles that you are interested in so we can make sure these styles are available at the trunk show.
  3. Trunk shows are by appointment and are very limited so make sure to schedule your appointment early.
  4. Make sure to arrive promptly so you can finish in the allotted time. You don’t want to takeover the next bride’s appointment.
  5. If in the end you can’t make your appointment please make sure to call and cancel. This will allow someone on the waitlist to attend.
  6. Bring along the proper undergarments – strapless bra, spanx, etc.
  7. This is the most important tip to follow! Only bring one or two people with you whom you trust and who know you well. Do not bring along a large entourage. Too many opinions will take the fun out of it and will make the process very difficult.
  8. Most trunk shows offer gowns for sale not available outside of the trunk show so be prepared to purchase a gown, but don’t feel pressured.
Any questions? Make sure to let us know!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just in . . .

New ready-to-wear dresses arrived today . . . great dresses for the cocktail parties and the holidays! For more details make sure to visit the boutique or our online store.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Latest fashion shoot

Brittany and Diana from Hanle Productions had an amazing fashion photo shoot a few weeks ago at the Pedalr's Inn in Wales, Wisconsin. They featured gowns from Alyne Bridal and The Steven Birnbaum Collection. Here is a little peek at some of the photos!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Famous Fashion: Marilyn Monroe

While everyone may have gathered in celebration of John F. Kennedy’s 45th Birthday on May 19, 1962, it was Marilyn Monroe’s dress that was most celebrated that night. Marilyn Monroe graced the stage in a sheer, flesh-toned, full-length sheath dress that was encrusted with over 2,500 rhinestones that were elegantly set in a rosette motif.  The dress itself was so tight-fitting, that dress designer Jean Louis, had to literally sew Marilyn into the dress moments before the evening’s festivities.  With Marilyn’s almost white blonde hair and the silver sparkle of her dress, Marilyn became the ultimate platinum blonde bombshell and has left her permanent mark in American cultural history.

In fact, this famous dress was still making headlines 30 years later. On October 27, 1999 during a Christie’s live auction Marilyn’s famous birthday dress sold for over $1,150,000, making it the most expensive dress ever to be auctioned.  Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bridesmaid Duties - Creating a Wedding Day Survival Kit

We all know that being a bridesmaid comes along with quite a few responsibilities. To be a rock star bridesmaid you need to make sure that one of those duties involves being prepared for the unexpected on wedding day! You never know what could happen - bride gets a blister, the maid of honor drips wine on her dress, etc. etc. Gather the following items to create a "wedding day survival kit" to bring with you on the big day:

*  Bottled water
*  Mints
*  Band-aids
*  Tissues
*  Hairspray
*  Bobbie pins
*  Mini sewing kit
*  Stain remover
*  Snacks
*  Double sided tape
*  Dental floss
*  Nail file
*  Tampon
*  Deodorant
*  Tums
*  Tylenol
*  Mirror
*  Scissors
*  Super glue
*  Pins

Tote along these items and any little problem will be taken care of in no time. And you could even buy a cute little clutch or handbag to carry it all around in!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just in . . .

The Siri Yvette Dress has arrived! The Yvette features a v-neck in front and back, wide & slimming waist band, and small pleats on the above-the-knee length skirt. It is in a gorgeous silk shantung and is available in over 50 colors. Plus it is part of the Siri sale so you'll save an additional $20 if ordered by the end of October. Great style for moms too!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Celebrate our Anniversary with HUGE Savings

In celebration of our 3-year anniversary we are offering huge savings this weekend. Everyone has the opportunity to save some moola!

*  $100 savings on all Alyne & Steven Birnbaum bridal gown orders

*  $50 savings on all Fancy NY & Siri bridal gown orders

*  $15 off bridesmaid dress purchases

*  $15 off regular priced ready-to-wear dress purchases

*  10% off online store purchases with code ANNIV at checkout

This is a once a year sale so don't miss out! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One of my favorite blogs

I spend quite a bit of time browsing blogs. There are so many interesting and inspirational ones out there it is literally insane. Once I start roaming I usually can't stop! But one of my all time favorite blogs that I visit on a daily basis is The Sartorialist.  Basically this photographer started out taking photos of people on the streets of New York City that looked great. Well now he travels the world and captures fashion and personality in his photos of people. The pics are most inspiring and the fashion is just so refreshing to see on real people.  I would definitely recommend adding this to your list of daily reads. I don't think you'll be disappointed.  Here are some of my recent favs:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Style it: Charcoal Wrap Dress

Our new Charcoal Wrap Dress is definitely a must-have dress for your wardrobe. It will take you from day to night in no time! By adding a few simple accessories and layering pieces, you will create so many versatile styles that you can rock all year long.

Belt it!  A belt can not only add a dash of color but it helps define that skinny waist of yours!
Layer it!  Blazers, sweaters, motorcycle jackets…whatever the occasion, they are all great layering options.
Wrap it!  Adding a scarf can help bring a little color and warmth to your ensemble.
Chain it!  Add a little glitz and glamour with a long, multilayer necklace. 
Tights Galore!  Add a patterned tight for that perfect nighttime look.

Our very own style consultant Amy put together the fantastic day and night looks below!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just in . . .

A portion of the Siri Fall collection of dresses have arrived!  The above the knee length adds a bit of fun and sass to the super adorable styles. As always the dresses are made of the highest quality silk shantung and are available in over 50 colors including a gorgeous selection of stunning new colors. And don't overlook the last dress. It is a great style for moms!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just in . . .

A couple new fall ready-to-wear dresses have just arrived and once again I love them and want them both for myself! Both styles can easily be transferred from day to night and would look fantastic with a cute pair of heels or booties! They are available in Small, Medium & Large at the boutique or online. And the prices are awesome...$68 and $58. Can't beat that!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Inspired by . . .

Wtoo style 826
Fabric: Crinkle Chiffon with Satin Skirt
Color: Candlelight and Ebony

A Black & White Affair

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just in . . . d.Moss Signature Flat Clutches

We are so excited to now offer clutches by d.moss. The clutches are handmade right here in Milwaukee and are the perfect concoction of durable yet dainty, classical yet contemporary with a tint of vintage charm. I just adore the clutches and Danica the creator is just as adorable. We currently have a collection of bridal flats featured at Miss Ruby as well as a selection of clutches to match your fall ensembles!  And for those who want just something all their own Danica is available for consultations at Miss Ruby to make you your very own one-of-a-kind clutch. Perfect for brides, bridal parties, gifts, etc.  I am already thinking about the holidays and who will be the lucky recipient of one of these flats. Or maybe I'll just gift one to myself!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Famous Fashion: Audrey Hepburn

No one can deny that Audrey Hepburn is a true fashion icon. She has given us everything from ballet flats, to capri pants to that perfect black dress; and even in the world of bridal, Audrey has left her mark. In her film, Funny Face, Audrey graces the screen in this gorgeous full volume tulle-layered ball gown skirt, created in tea-length. The dress also features a dropped waist, and form fitting bodice showcasing the Sabrina bateau neck-line that Audrey herself inspired.  Designed by her favorite designer and right-hand man, Hubert Givenchy, Audrey gives us a fun and classic style that is still copied and sought after by all lovers of timeless fashion.  Want your very own Audrey-inspired wedding gown?  Fancy NY and The Steven Birnbaum Collection have got you covered. Check em out below!

 The Madeleine Gown by Fancy NY

 The Audrey Gown by The Steven Birnbaum Collection