Friday, May 26, 2017

Bridal Appointment Etiquette (For Friends & Family)

Bridal gown shopping is rarely a solo experience! Bride's often invite their closest friends and family for moral support and to make them feel included in the wedding planning process. If you have been invited to a bridal appointment with your daughter, sister, niece, cousin, or bestie, we have a few words of advice to make the entire experience a positive one! 

Read on for our 4 Basics of Bridal Appointment Etiquette (For Guests)

1. Be Mindful of Her Budget

We see this happen all the time. The bride will tell their stylist that they want to stick to a certain budget, but friends and family insist that they try on gowns that are 3-times what the bride wants to spend. Even if it is "Just for fun!" or "Just to try!" it never ends well. 

There are beautiful dresses in every budget. However, dresses that are higher-end tend to have different fabrics that aren't available at a lower price. If a bride puts on a dress she can never afford, it can make the dresses she can afford seem lackluster and unexciting. We've seen it happen and it's heartbreaking! Unless you're willing to personally pay for the dress, only pick dresses within the bride's price point. 

Unless you're Carrie Bradshaw, leave the $10,000 dress on the hanger!

2. Let the Bride Have an Input

This is another one that breaks our heart! Many times, a bride will put on a dress in the fitting room and tell her stylists immediately how amazing it makes her feel! With a smile on her face, she will walk out in the dress and the first thing someone says is,"Well, this one is awful!" or some other negative remark. The bride then feels obligated to dislike the dress, even if deep down she is in love with it. 

The bride's input should always come first. She brought you along to give your opinion, but she did not bring you along to choose the dress for her. Listen to her opinion first and tailor your reaction accordingly. 

Give the bride a few minutes to form her own opinion before anyone else in the party gives their input.

3. Be Honest but Be Positive

People always ask our stylists, "Have you ever told a bride that she looked good in a dress when she didn't?" We honestly reply "Never." When a bride loves a dress and adores how she looks in it, her confidence is what makes her look like a bride! 

As a friend or family member, keep this in mind. Don't point out the bride's every flaw in every dress. Most of the time, she is in a dress that doesn't fit her, doesn't have the proper undergarments, and lots of other things that she is aware of. I've had a mom point out her daughter's "arm fat" in every strapless dress. I've had friends obsess over how "tight the dress looks" when the sample is 3 sizes too small for the bride. Put the entire look in perspective. Focus on the positive. Give the bride harsh criticism if (and only if) she asks for it explicitly. 

Why make a bride feel bad about herself? Tell her 3 positive things about how she looks. 

4. Let Her Say "Yes"

Let's set the scene: The bride is in a perfect dress. It is the only one she has loved, the only dress that made her tear up, & the only dress that she can see herself marrying her fiancĂ© in. She says, "This is the one! I'm saying Yes!" Instead of celebrating, her friend says, "You can't say YES yet! I'm not done shopping!" The bride's face falls & you can see all of the happiness and excitement melt away. The magical moment that every bride is looking for? She just had it, and now it's gone forever. 

This happens probably once a month at our boutique.  

Friends and family often don't realize the impact they have on a bride's shopping experience. They can make it or break it. Please, don't be the one that breaks it. Be supportive, be caring, and let her find the dress of her dreams. 

She finds her dress, you get to celebrate with a champagne toast (win-win!)
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Monday, May 22, 2017

Bridesmaid Appointment Etiquette

We love helping bridesmaids find the perfect dress or dresses that bring the bride's wedding vision to life! A week ago, we posted about the 5 Basics of Bridal Appointment Etiquette. Here are a few pieces of advice to make the bridesmaids shopping process easier for everyone involved!

Read below to learn our 
6 Basics of Bridesmaids Appointment Etiquette

1. Don't Overwhelm Yourself with Options

We have hundreds (literally hundreds!) of bridesmaids dresses to try on in our store. Nothing starts a bridesmaids appointment off on the wrong foot more than the bride (or bridesmaids) insisting they try on everything. Not only is it impossible, it also becomes a huge chore about halfway through. Limit yourself to a few different options per girl at the beginning of the appointment. Once you have them on & know what you are looking for, your stylist can then steer you in the right direction. 

2. Be Mindful of the Other Bridesmaids

Whether you were friends before or are total strangers, keep the feelings of your fellow bridesmaids in mind during the appointment. Saying a dress is "so cheap" when it is at the top of someone's budget or saying how the size you order is "huge" when someone is ordering a larger size than you is a quick & easy way to hurt feelings. Even if they aren't your close friends, be mindful of their preferences and opinions while dress shopping. 

3. Don't Expect a Dress to be the Perfect Size or Color

Most bridal stores are not able to carry the same dress in multiple sizes and colors. In a store like ours, the bridesmaids dress companies send us one of each dress (usually in a size 8 - 12) in whatever colors they consider stylish for that season. We then take your measurements for the perfect size and use swatches to determine the perfect color. 

Luckily, we now have samples that range in size from 4 - 24. We also have a wide selection of colors so that you can see how a color swatch looks when it is actually on a dress. However, 99% of the time, the dress sample you fall in love with won't be your perfect size or color in our store. 

4. Don't Overbook Yourself

Like we said before, we have a huge variety of options at our store. Often when bridesmaids "shop around," they tend to get very overwhelmed & the fun of shopping is lost. Rather than booking 4 appointments all over town, we recommend booking at one boutique and making it a fun & stress free day.

5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

We want everyone to feel at home in our boutique! However, don't treat our store like it is actually your house! We have walked into bridesmaids fitting rooms and seen a thousand dollars worth of bridesmaids dresses strewn all over the floor, stepped on, & in a state of disarray. Yikes! 

Your consultant is happy to clean up after you, but make it easy on her by hanging the dresses back up when you are done with them.

6. Save Happy Hour for After

After you find a bridesmaids dress & get your order started, by all means, go out and celebrate! However, getting tipsy with your bridesmaids BEFORE your bridesmaid appointment is a definite no-no. We have had brides who have started Happy Hour well before they arrived at Miss Ruby, and it makes for an awkward experience for the consultant, the other appointments, and especially the bridesmaids. Drink up afterwards, not before!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Bridal Appointment Etiquette

When it comes to bridal appointments, our stylists have seen it all! While we don't expect everyone to know exactly how the bridal gown shopping process works, here are a few key tips to prepare you for  a fun & stress free shopping experience!

Take a look at the list below for our 5 Basics of Bridal Appointment Etiquette. 

1. Make An Appointment

Most bridal boutiques (including Miss Ruby) are by appointment only. The reason isn't to keep guests out. We like to make sure that we have a fitting room ready for you and a consultant available to answer any questions you may have. We've found that 99% of brides who come in to "just browse" end up also wanting to try on a dress or ask questions about the dresses that they're seeing. 

Similarly, if you find your dress at another store, don't hesitate to call to cancel your appointment! We often have waiting lists for appointments, so by canceling, you are allowing another bride to potentially find her dream dress, too. Treat bridal appointments the same way you would treat a hair appointment with your favorite stylist. 

2. Be Honest (But Be Polite!) 

We say this time and time again - The dresses do not have feelings, so don't feel bad telling your consultant what you do like or don't like about a dress! With that said, tearing down a dress (that may be the favorite of the bride next to you) can make for an awkward moment. Remember, every dress is perfect for someone's wedding. There are ways to say that you don't like a dress that won't offend anybody in earshot. 

3. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

We often have 3-4 bridal appointments going on at one time. It's always nice to be mindful of and kind to the brides you are sharing our store with. For example, we once had a bride repeatedly complain (very loudly) that she was "WAY too skinny to fit into anything" while a few feet away, a fuller-figured bride was feeling down for having the opposite problem. Your bridal appointment is your day to be the center of attention. But please be mindful of others in the process. 

4. Talk to Your Consultant

Your consultant is there to be your helping hand throughout the bridal gown ordering process & to help you find the dress of your dreams. She is not there to make you feel pressured or more nervous. If you have questions - ASK! We know a lot about wedding gowns, but we don't expect our brides to. If you are confused about something, speak up! We would rather answer your question in store than have it become an issue later in your wedding planning process. Also, if you have found a gown elsewhere you really love - BE HONEST.  This will only help your stylist find the gown best for you!

5. Don't Overbook Yourself & Don't be Late

We see brides all the time who have a day jam-packed with bridal appointments. They are typically rushing out of their appointment early or arriving to their appointment late because there is entirely too much on their schedule for the day. 

Brides who do this are setting themselves up for added stress and ultimately failure. How can you fall in love with a dress when you are constantly watching the clock? Allow yourself time to breathe, relax, get lunch, and whatever else will make the day easier for you. One or two positive appointments is MUCH better than 4-5 appointments that quickly become a blur. If you do happen to be running late for the appointment make sure to call the boutique & give them a heads up.

Friday, May 12, 2017

5 Tips for Pregnant Bridesmaids

Getting married happens in a very exciting time in life! When most women get engaged, they are often also in the process of buying a house, making career changes, moving across the country, or thinking about starting a family. The best part? So are her friends! 

It's no surprise that in nearly all of the bridesmaids parties we are working with, at least one of the bridesmaids is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant during the wedding planning process. 

Here are our
5 Tips for Pregnant Bridesmaids

1. Choosing The Right Style

If you're planning on being pregnant at the wedding, it's important to choose the right style. Hint: A tight, formfitting, cocktail length dress might not be the best option. 

We find that dresses with empire waistlines (which hit right under the bust) are the most flattering for pregnant bridesmaids. If you can't find a perfect dress in that style, most waistlines can be raised by a seamstress in alterations to accommodate a baby bump. 

2. Choosing the Right Size

This section could warrant its own blog post entirely. The truth is, when it comes to sizing for pregnant bridesmaids, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It's a little bit of a guessing game and even the most seasoned bridal stylists needs your help in determining the correct size.

We typically recommend ordering a dress that is 2-3 sizes larger than your normal dress size. While this may sound really big to some, we always error on the side of caution. Dresses can easily be taken in and are very difficult to let out. With that said, you know your body better than anyone. Speak up and get the size that you feel the most comfortable ordering. 

3. Choosing the Right Length

If you are on the taller side (5' 8" or over) you may need to choose a dress that is able to be ordered with extra length. Usually, taller girls have no problem with our dresses hitting at the right point. However, add a baby bump to the mix and suddenly that hem-line starts to become troublesome. 

Luckily, nearly all of our dresses can be ordered with an extra 5" of length for a minimal additional fee (usually $20). This will make sure your dress isn't too short with baby in the way!

4. Choosing the Right Fabric

It should come as no surprise that a tight, formfitting dress with stiff, structured fabric doesn't make for the most maternity friendly dress. Luckily, the biggest trend right now in bridesmaids dress fabrics is chiffon, which is light, airy, and super flattering if you are expecting. Talk to the bride and see if she's open to a soft, flowy fabric.

5. Choosing to Enjoy Your Body!

This one is the most important! We have heard brides and bridesmaids worry that their pregnant friend will look "different" from the other bridesmaids. She will! And that's a great thing!!

Being a mom-to-be is a lot like being a bride-to-be. It's an incredibly exciting time that can be overwhelming at times. Just like we tell brides, keep everything in perspective. Remember, as a pregnant bridesmaid you will look extra gorgeous, have an extra glow, and will have photos of this special time in your life forever. Embrace it! 

We have tons of Maternity-friendly styles in store!

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Our Stylist's Favorite Wedding Trends

The Miss Ruby Team is full of talented & stylish ladies (and gentleman!) who know a few things about what makes a wedding great. They talk weddings all the time, so they are always in-the-know about what makes for an on-trend wedding day. 

- Read on for Their Favorite Wedding Trends - 


Adrianna is a bride-to-be herself, so she is perhaps the best one to talk to about wedding trends. "Blush tones are my favorite," she said, "They make for the perfect color combination, especially for Spring and Summer weddings." 


Sara has a great take on what makes a wedding memorable. Her favorite trend? "I once saw a photo of a couple who make their grandma's the flower girls in their wedding, and thought that it was so cute!" 


Braylee's favorite trend is something that our brides LOVE! "Maybe it's just because I can't keep plants alive but I love succulents!" She said they're best mixed with colors like blush, purple, or coral "but not all at once!"


Hillary's favorite color trend is one that is slowly taking the bridal world by storm. "Rose gold is just pink, but all grown up," she said. The best way to incorporate it? She told us small touches, like jewelry, hair accessories, or the edging on a veil is just the right amount. 


Everyone already knows that Jimmy's favorite wedding trend is an open bar. When asked for his second favorite trend, he said, "I love when people have animals at their weddings! One of my brides told me she had a goat at her wedding and I was so jealous!"

Monday, May 1, 2017

Non-Traditonal Wedding Gown Colors

The idea of wearing a white wedding gown has only been around for about 160 years, when Queen Victoria opted for a cream lace look for her 1840 wedding. Before that, brides wore dresses that spanned across the entire color spectrum, mostly choosing from whatever was in their closet. 

So, if you’re not into the whole white dress concept, you have hundreds of other colors to choose from! Below we list some pieces we have in store that are non-traditionally bridal – but in the best way possible!


Champagne gowns give your wedding day look a golden touch. This color works well with many different skin tones, especially if you have a naturally warmer tone (like naturally tan skin or caramel highlights in you hair). This look is soft and still traditional - with just a little bit of a bohemian vibe. 


The newest trend in wedding-dress colors, blush wedding gowns are rising in popularity. They have a soft and romantic look that is more bold and whimsical than an ivory- or champagne-colored dress. These dresses are for the true girly-girl bride who still has a fashionista edge. 


In our boutique, this color is called "oyster" by our designers. This is a less popular wedding dress color, but we have a feeling that will change very soon. A dress with grey-tones looks silver, especially when paired with beading and embellishment. For brides who want to be ahead of the trend & look incredibly glam - this one is for you!

Completely Non-Traditional

We tell brides all the time - "find a gown that looks and feels like YOU" - if that means throwing tradition to the wind and wearing a totally different color, then we say go for it! It might be harder to find, luckily local designer Aeva has dyed Miss Ruby gowns before and they have turned out perfectly! This trend is for brides who aren't afraid of making a statement and being themselves. 

Photo Credits: Champagne - Love Blush Bridal / Aria Dress / Southern Bride Magazine - Blush - Ting Makeup / Wtoo Bridal - Gray - Wtoo Bridal - Non-Traditional - Studio 29 Photography / Aeva