Thursday, March 29, 2018

Brand New Bridesmaids Palettes!

Want a bridal party color combination that no one has ever seen before?
Get inspired by these fresh bridesmaids color palettes and then visit Miss Ruby to help you put the look together!

Dark Jewel Tones

Inspired by

Instead of sticking with burgundy or other fall colors, brides are now mixing fall colors together for a rich and dimensional palette. 

How to Put It Together:

Combine Eggplant, Luxardo, Hunter Green, and Navy Blue with pops of Black (including Black Floral Prints) for a bridal party look that is luxurious and sophisticated. 

Peaches and Blues

Inspired By

Cornflower blue and peach has recently become a popular color combination because it is light, airy, fun, and unexpected!

How to Put It Together: 

Combine Silverstone and Peach with Taupe and even Lavender for a light and fresh color combination. The darker blue provides a better contrast than baby blue or cornflower blue ever could.

Bold Contrasts

Inspired By

Ad campaigns have been pairing rich colors together for a while, which serves as the perfect inspiration. Think of it as color blocking, just with your bridesmaids!

How to Put It Together:

Combine Canyon (a rich burnt orange) with Champagne and Gray dresses for a look that is so modern, we haven't seen it anywhere before in real life!

Rich, Dusty Tones

Inspired By

For a fall color palette that is a little less bold than mixed jewel tones, try pairing dusty and muted tones together for a soft and subtle feel that is perfect for Fall and Winter weddings. 

How to Put It Together: 

We combined Kaiyo, French Truffle, Autumn Gray, and Sandstone to create this look. These colors are easy to wear and ensure that every member of your bridal party will wear a color they look great in!

Florals and Dark Blushes

Inspired By

For a bohemian wedding that doesn't rely on blush as the main event, mixing floral prints with deep, solid colors keeps your entire look unexpected. 

How To Put It Together: 

Combine French Truffle, Blush Garden, Taupe, Dusty Rose, and Spring Fling for an exciting, romantic, and relaxed look. 
If you can find solid color dresses in different fabrics - even better! 

Ready To Create Your Perfect Look?

- Here's A Tip -

It is REALLY hard to put brand new looks together without the help of a professional! Visit our boutique with your bridesmaids and we will help you put together something perfect for your wedding. 

Photo Credits: June Bug Weddings / TaylorLord / Plum Pretty Sugar / One Fab Day / Montenr

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

5 Benefits of Attending a Bridal Styling Night

Still need bridal accessories?  Let's finish your bridal look at our upcoming Bridal Styling Night!

1. Your Wedding is Coming Up

If you've got your gown & your wedding is coming up, Bridal Styling Night is perfectly scheduled so you can find your accessories in ample amounts of time. Accessories take anywhere from 2 - 4 months to arrive if you place a custom order. However, many pieces can also be sold off our sales floor if you want to take it with you that day. 

You have spent MONTHS planning your bridal look! Accessories are what bring your whole look together, so don't leave them until the last minute. 

2. You Want Lots of Options

We always have a great selection of bridal accessories in our store, but we always stock up during our Styling Nights so you'll have even more options!

You'll find veils, all sorts of jewelry, bridal belts, & more!

3. You Want Something Special

When you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bridal gown, you want quality jewelry and accessories that won't cheapen the look! 

If you don't have any heirloom pieces that you are set on wearing, we have a larger collection of pieces from Lovebird Jewelry that will be in store just for Bridal Styling Night. We will also have store exclusive pieces from Sorelli Jewelry to provide the perfect finishing touch. 

4. You Want to be Wearing Your Gown

Picking jewelry and accessories for your bridal gown can be difficult if you are not in your bridal gown! Luckily, if you come to one of our Bridal Styling Nights, you'll have a fitting room set aside specifically for you to put on your gown so you can put a perfect look together. 

Not a Miss Ruby Bride? Not a problem! Bring your gown along and we can help you find accessories! 

5. You Want an Expert Opinion

When you purchase jewelry online, anything could show up at your doorstep. Plus, it's not fun to shop for bridal accessories on your couch!

Our Bridal Styling Nights are a great way to include your friends and family in your styling process. They'll give you their honest opinions and make sure you don't go wrong. Plus, you'll be working one-on-one with a Bridal Stylist who will also help perfectly complete your look. 

Ready To Shop?

Setting up an appointment for Bridal Styling Nights is easy! 
Just call (414) 755-2900  or email us at to reserve your hour-long appointment at our boutique. 

Be sure to plan ahead! Appointments are filling up FAST!

Photo Credits: Twin Lens Photography / Natural Intuition Photography / Lovebird Jewelry Website / Studio 29 Photography / Natural Intuition Photography

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Which Veil Is Right For You?

We think that every bridal gown looks more beautiful when paired with the perfect veil! Find yours at our Jennifer Leigh Couture Veils Trunk Show, taking place April 9 - 15. 

Want to know how to put it all together? 

Visit us during our special 

Bridal Styling Night

Friday, March 16, 2018

Inspiring Looks from Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride

Hosted by David Caruso of Dynamic Events, the Milwaukee's Magnificent Bride show is always one of our favorite events of the year. Located in the gorgeous, sweeping ballrooms of the Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee's wedding vendors always bring their A-game. The result is an amazing experience that shows you exactly how beautiful your wedding can be when you use the right local vendors. 

Take a look at the photos below from Front Room Photography to get lots of inspiration for your own wedding. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Fresh Wedding Color Palettes

One of the first questions we ask brides is "What are your wedding colors?" It not only helps us put a perfect look together for them, but also gives us insight into what they want their entire wedding style and vision to be. You definitely don't need to pigeon hole yourself into two specific colors and call it a day - many brides have a combination of 4-6 colors that all work together to create the perfect look. 

Want your wedding colors to look fresh and unique? Here are some color combinations that we are currently obsessed with and the wedding vibe they create. Find the perfect ones to match your wedding style!

Simple & Chic

Sometimes the most beautiful wedding colors actually lack a lot of "color." 
Combine Blush, Sage, and Ivory to create a minimalistic style that is the definition of elegant. 

How To Style It: 
- While flowers and lots of greenery
- Minimalist tablescapes and crisp, white linens
- Pops of very light blush throughout give this look depth and dimension

Rich Earth Tones

Normally, you wouldn't think of black as a very good wedding color. This palette begs to differ. 
Combine Hunter Green and Copper with elegant pops of Black for a fall or winter wedding that guests haven't seen before. 

How To Style It: 
 - Exposed brick venues add a touch of class to these colors
- Incorporate pops of ivory into your flowers and table settings to balance out the rich textures 
- Let your bridesmaids wear black. They will love you for it!

Classy Autumn Colors

Autumn colors are classic for a reason. They are at once luxurious, familiar, and beautiful. 
Combine Blush and Burgundy with Gold and Ivory for a truly rich fall palette.  

How To Style It:
- Gold table settings and mercury glass are a must
- Light plenty of candles to illuminate these gorgeous colors
- Incorporate pops of blush or gold into your wedding gown for something totally unexpected. 

Mismatched Jewel Tones

You heard it here first - jewel tones are making a huge comeback. 
Combine Fuchsia, Peacock, Hunter Green, an Bronze for a sophisticated and fun wedding palette. 

How To Style It:
- Play around with unique flowers in your boutique and centerpieces
- Use mismatched vintage glassware to create a purposely imperfect look
- Use and editor's eye and incorporate metallics & neutrals so that bright colors don't go overboard.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New Arrivals from Ti Adora Bridal

Our newest arrivals are breezy, bohemian, and beautiful bridal gowns from Ti Adora Bridal!

"Rosie" by Ti Adora

"Gabby" by Ti Adora

"Sydney" by Ti Adora

Ready to try them on?

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