Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bridal Shopping with Jo Marie MKE

Where do Milwaukee's most fashionable girls go bridal shopping? Miss Ruby Boutique, of course! We had the pleasure of opening our doors to Josette, the fashionista behind Jo Marie MKE - a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog that is based right here in Milwaukee. 

In our collaboration with Jo (she's so sweet!) and the wonderful photographers from Say Hello, Story, we are finally able to show our followers a little slice of what we see everyday. We think these photos perfectly capture the excitement, the anticipation, and the overwhelming feeling of love that are present at every bridal appointment in our boutique. 

Which dress did she say "YES" to? We'll never tell!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Signature Tees!

Need the perfect outfit for a bridal shower, bachelorette bash, or post-wedding brunch? Still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Milwaukee Bride? Look no further! Our Signature Tees are in store now! 

Our heather gray tank looks amazing dressed up with pink tulle and pearls. Perfect for a bridal shower or adorable engagement shoot. 

Our slouchy tee has a relaxed vibe for when you jet off to your honeymoon.
After all, you might even get some airport freebies if people know you just tied the knot! 

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Signature Tees - Just $20!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Our Favorite Miss Ruby Memories

While it's true that every Miss Ruby Bride has a special place in our heart, there are some people, stories, and moments that touch our hearts long after the "I Do." We asked our stylists to share their favorite Miss Ruby Memories. What they came up with was a poignant list that reminds us why we continually LOVE doing what we do. 


"I ask brides how they got engaged and usually hear one amazing, over-the-top story after another. I asked one bride and she started telling me that her story wasn't very remarkable - her fiance asked her during dinner at Applebees with their two young children sitting in high chairs next to them. I could tell she was sort of embarrassed, but her story stands out to me. Weddings bring out the ultra-romantic side of everyone, and that's amazing. But professing your devotion on a random weeknight with your kids? To me, that has 'true love' written all over it."

- Hillary

"Over this past winter I had the most heartwarming experience with one of my brides.  She came in with her mother, her fiancĂ©'s mother, and grandmother.  After about an hour of trying dresses on, the bride ended up falling in love with the first dress she put on, but before she could say "YES," she had to show her father.  She then shared with me that from the beginning of time, it was always her father who went shopping for dresses with her, whether it was her first communion or prom, dad had to say yes first.  This was such a memorable experience for me because I didn't have a strong male figure in my life when I was growing up.  When her father came in and saw his daughter in the dress of her dreams, you could tell that he was happier than ever before.  I will never forget this moment because it was the sweetest thing, true happiness!"

- Sadee

"I once had an appointment where the sister of the bride called ahead of time to tell me that the bride has never felt special or been the center of attention before in her life and that coming to the appointment was going to be a really big deal for her. I knew that I had to be extra sensitive and helpful for this bride, and I think I gave her a once in a lifetime experience. She told me she never knew she could look so pretty and she just genuinely really appreciated me and I was honored to help make her feel special."

- Sara

"I swear I have a new favorite memory each week at Miss Ruby. One that particularly sticks out in my mind was with a bride named Kayla. She was someone I connected with right away! Her Mom and MIL pulled me aside before the appointment to tell me they had brought her some goodies to surprise her with for when she made the big decision! It was a super cute display of different mini treats and mimosas. I really felt like I was a huge part in helping her on her "dress journey." It was a really special moment. On their way out, hugs were shared by everyone and they thanked me endlessly, and that's when I knew that I'm right where I need to be."

- Braylee

"I have experienced so many special moments with brides during their visits to Miss Ruby. I've been helping brides for ten years & I still love hearing their stories. Every bride is so unique & I love to hear how they met their fiance & got engaged & just learning more about the bride.  But the most memorable & heartwarming moments for me are when the bride returns after her wedding - maybe with a friend, relative, or sibling that is now getting married.  It's so nice to see them again and to hear about their wedding, the children they've had since their wedding, how they are doing, etc. Our brides become part of our Miss Ruby family & it's always very special to see them again." 

- Erin

"I like to find more about the bride I'm working with. I asked one bride how her fiance proposed, and she had the best response. She got a diamond ring and A NEW PUPPY! I thought it was so cute. Seriously though, I would marry anyone who gave me a puppy."

- Jimmy


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Inspiration: A Midsummer Night's Dream Wedding

For brides with a wild heart, there is no way their weddings are staying indoors. Under the stars, under a canopy of trees, and under the watchful eye of the woods, there is a beautiful wedding to be had. While a huge trend right now is to bring the outside IN, we know that somethings are best in their pure and natural form. In a recent photo shoot with Autumn Silva Photography, we styled a gorgeous mid-summer dream. It included a bride, a few of her friends, and the great outdoors. We couldn't help but think that this would be the perfect building blocks for a wild-at-heart bride who wants to make her wedding one with nature.  

- Bride -

For this shoot we styled the bride in head-to-toe lace. While it's easy to think that a lighter-than-air bohemian look would be the perfect fit, we thought that a more traditional lace dress would contrast beautifully with the great outdoors. The delicate lace compliments nature's rough textures perfectly. Our pick was #2157 by Mikaella Bridal

- Bridesmaids -

For the bridesmaids, we chose colors that played off the natural setting. While many brides choose different shades of the same color for their bridesmaids, we find that choosing complimentary colors that fit the entire feel of your wedding provides a more dramatic effect. We mixed Pewter, Eucalyptus, and Mocha, all colors by Wtoo Bridesmaids

- Beauty -

The hair and makeup for this shoot was done by local vendors Lexi Lee Hair & Kelly Schubel of Lustrous Beauty Studio. To match the styling, they mixed the natural with the dramatic by pairing loose up-dos with dramatic eyes and luminous skin. The perfectly undone and polished style was a breath of fresh air. 

- Floral - 

The beautiful floral bouquets pictured above are from local vendor Feisty Flowers. They utilized greenery and muted colors to enhance the color of the dresses and harmoniously balance the green of the outdoors. For a wedding like this, we say let your florals run wild. A crown of greenery or an overgrown bouquet won't look like too much when you are surrounded by the wilderness. 

- Decor -

Borrow as much from the great outdoors as possible for your Midsummer wedding. Details like re-claimed wood and floral vines contrast perfectly with lux touches, like velvet chairs for your guests during the ceremony. Although it goes without saying, fairy lights are a must have.