Thursday, April 25, 2013

Just in: Jim Hjelm Bridesmaids

We are so in love with Jim Hjelm style 5319! Not only is it a GORGEOUS gown it is so versatile! Brides, bridesmaids & even moms are loving this dress for themselves.  The chiffon a-line gown features a criss-cross v-neckline, with chantilly lace cap sleeves and a chantilly lace illusion back. You also get to choose from black, ivory, petal or plum lace and over 20 chiffon colors.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inspiration: Blush

We just received a new collection of jewelry from our favorite local designer, Lindsay at Elan Couture. Among the gorgeous baubles were statement necklaces made out of blush-colored pearls. We cannot wait to show them off to our Miss Ruby Brides! In honor of these new arrivals, we have made an entire inspiration board about the color that is currently trending in the bridal world: Blush. Whether on wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, or other important accents, using Blush as an accent makes your wedding both girly and sophisticated. Let's be honest, Blush is just Pink, but all grown up. So if you are a bride that still holds on to that pink-loving little girl inside of you, let it shine on your wedding day.

If you want to take a look at our new jewelry from Elan Couture make an appointment at Miss Ruby Boutique or RSVP to one of our monthly Bridal Styling Nights. 

This necklace by Elan Couture is elegant and unique.
Check out her other styles here or at Miss Ruby Boutique

Blush wedding gowns, like this Olivia gown from Wtoo, are becoming a popular
alternative to the classic white or ivory gown.
This dress is available to order at Miss Ruby Boutique.
Dressing your bridesmaids in different shades of the same color is also a popular trend.
Check out these dresses and more from Wtoo Bridesmaids
A rose gold engagement ring is a way to incorporate blush tones into something you'll cherish forever!
Picture found here.
Set the tone for your wedding with these ultra-stylish Bridal Shower Invites.
Picture found here.

Adding a black accent to blush invitations amps up the glam.
See these and more from Citlali's Etsy Store.

We can't think of anyone who wouldn't love some pink Chanel shoes on their wedding day...or every day.
Picture found here.

Pink flowers and black lace make for a stylish combination.
Picture found here.

A Blush cake with floral fondant accents is a sweet accessory at any wedding.
More pictures from this wedding here.

We can't think of a more fabulous place to say "I Do" than a gauzy pink altar.
Picture found here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

10 Items you will want with you on your wedding day

After months of planning, you want your wedding day to go as smoothly as possible! But while worrying about all of the big details, don't forget that sometimes the little things are the things you wish you had the most! We have compiled a list of the ten items that you will absolutely want on your wedding day, but will probably forget about! Check them out below, and then compile a "Bridal Emergency Kit" while you still have time.

When they say "Kiss the Bride," you want to be prepared!
Breath mints like Altoids are a better choice than gum.

Don't forget the Band-Aids!
Because blood + a white dress is a huge no.
You are going to be nervous! And if it's a summer wedding, it's going to be HOT!
Don't sweat it, just bring some deodorant with you just in case. 
Stress will about on the big day, so don't let a head ache ruin the best day of your life!
Pack some Asprin for you (and anyone else who might need some)
Brides can be so worried about everyone else, they forget about themselves.
Don't forget to pack a snack, it's going to be a long day.
(just make sure it's not messy!) 
Bring a sewing kit. Because you never know what you will need it for,
but when you need it you will be glad you have it!
Keep you lipstick looking picture perfect, while still staying hydrated!
It might sound silly, but straws are a must for brides (and bridesmaids).
A compact mirror is a great thing to have on hand (especially at outdoor weddings).
Keep your self looking flawless at all times!
At Miss Ruby, we know all about how white dresses attract lint!
Keep that gown sparkling white (or ivory!) with a compact lint roller.
Trust us.
The #1 thing you don't want to be caught without? Kleenex!
No bride wants their makeup running when they see their groom, so
let those happy tears flow!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why to get your bridesmaid dress from a boutique and not an online retailer

There are plenty of online retailers who are ready and willing to sell bridesmaids dresses, usually to the lowest bidder. Although it seems like shopping online for dresses is the most affordable and convenient options for a wedding party, we always cringe when we hear girls who are planning to order online.

Here are a few reasons that shopping at any local boutique is a much safer option than shopping online. Some are obvious, but some are secrets that only industry insiders know.

Reason 1: What you see ISN'T always what you get.
Shopping online can seem so convenient - you just point, click, and you're done! But what most people don't realize is how risky buying bridesmaids dresses online can be. Many websites that promise designer dresses (like Bari Jay, Alfred Sung, and Wtoo) are not authorized retailers of these dresses. That means you run a very high risk of receiving dresses that are poor quality knock-offs. And the colors might not even match because they aren't all from the same dye lot! Even our designers agree - most designers websites have a disclaimer like here. Is it really worth saving a few dollars to run the risk of looking shabby in wedding pictures?

Reason 2: No One Sees The Tags
Many places hide behind popular brand names in order to sell cheaper quality dresses for high prices. We can guarantee that the dresses you get are worth the money you are spending, and buying a cotton or jersey dress for a high price just because it is from a popular brand is not a smart purchase.

Reason 3: You deal with the problems.
If your dress comes to the boutique in the wrong color, with a snag, or anything else awry, Miss Ruby consultants take care of the problems by dealing directly with the designers. We have been working with these companies for years, and they do all they can to make sure we are satisfied, which means we are able to do all we can to make sure you are satisfied. If your dress comes from an unauthorized online retailer, you are responsible for the phone calls, the negotiating, the shipping, and all of the time and money it takes to return it. You have enough wedding planning to worry about, why add this to the list?

Reason 4: It's all about the details.
When you pick up your dress from Miss Ruby Boutique, along with a friendly smile, you also get a high-quality, reusable garment bag, free steaming services, and (most importantly) an endless resource of advice about care, storage, alterations, and any other questions you have about your dress. When you order online, most likely it will come squished in the smallest bag possible for shipping purposes, leaving you on your own to find someone to steam, alter, and take care of your dress.

Reason 5: Shopping local supports your community.
Shopping at small, local businesses has a huge impact on the place you live in. Buying local creates jobs, stimulates your city's economy, reduces environmental impact, and the money you spend literally goes back into your community. If you love Milwaukee as much as we do, support the businesses that keep Milwaukee unique!

Even if you don't find your dream dress at our store, we encourage you to stay local at the wonderful local bridal shops that the Milwaukee area offers! Purchasing dresses for your wedding online is very risky, and shopping local is always a good idea.

photos from and

Monday, April 8, 2013

Make Your "Save the Dates" Memorable

Trying to figure out the best way to show that your wedding is not one to be missed? How about sending out a creative "save the date" card?! It is the first impression of your wedding that your guests will receive and will set the tone for your big day. Whether country chic, super cute, or crazy & kooky, check out these unique ways other couples are telling their friends to "save the date" and then let us know how you got creative with your wedding announcements.

This adorable "save the date" is perfect for a rustic, vintage wedding.
Picture found here.
Save The Date! Literally! We love the tongue-in-cheek tone of this one!
Picture found here.
Ask your guests to please "pencil you in" with a complimentary pencil in your wedding colors!
Picture found here.
Tea and Chevron make for a fresh and inviting "save the date."
Picture found here.
This "save the date" is picture perfect!
Picture found here.
For a destination wedding, this vintage postcard "save the date" couldn't be more perfect!
Picture found here.
Are two rock-stars getting married? Let your guests know they are on the VIP list with this "Save the date"
Photo found here.
Spell it out in super cute Scrabble tiles
Photo found here.
This "save the date" has a serious wow-factor.
Photo found here.
This might be our favorite creative "save the date." We'll drink to that!
Photo found here.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Destination: A Costa Rica Wedding

With the winter dragging on, it's nice to be able to close your eyes and pretend to be somewhere (anywhere!) warm. If you are planning on a destination and have your sights set on somewhere tropical, the gorgeous country of Costa Rica is the perfect location. Here are some pictures from around the web of brides who decided to take their wedding all the way to Central America in search of sun and sand. Hopefully you can gain some inspiration, and escape in your mind away from this long Wisconsin winter!

These breezy yellow bridesmaids dresses are adorable!
More pictures from this wedding here.

Use a map as an invitation or itinerary for your guests!
Photo found here.

This sign lets everyone know you're having a fun and laid back wedding!
Photo found here.

Tropical print bridesmaids dresses are a must -
and we love their flip flops! Perfect for dancing all night long!
More photos from this wedding here. 

Costa Rica isn't all about the beaches, you can take advantage of it's gorgeous foliage too!
Photo found here.

Palm trees in the background just scream, "beach wedding"
Photo found here.

This wedding arch right on the beach is so picturesque.
Picture found here.

Paper lanterns carry a laid-back vibe to your reception space.
Photo found here.

The Dragonfly Restaurant in Tamarindo is a perfect place for a rehearsal dinner or reception!
More information here.

Disappear into the sunset with your groom after a picture perfect wedding!
More photos of this wedding here.