Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello...I just arrived at Miss Ruby

I am a super cute one-shoulder dress made of silk dupioni that just arrived at Miss Ruby. Aren't you just loving my asymmetrical neckline and black jewel brooch? I bet I'd be the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding or event.

Find me at Miss Ruby in a size 4 in the color Bouganvillea and size 10 in Acorn. Or you can order me in one of 20+ colors in size 0-24!

Aren't they glamourous?

Remember when we had the Glamour Session promotion? Well the oh-so talented Brittany from Hanle Productions gave away free Glamour Session Photoshoots to bridal parties that purchased their dresses at Miss Ruby.

Here are some photos from one lucky party. They are sisters too! Aren't they cute?

PS - watch this fall for another chance for a free Glamour Session!

Who says you need to be a jetsetter to enjoy your honeymoon?

Sure Paris may be the city of love and Dubai the city of wonders, but New York is a city of lights, love and of course awe. And it’s just one of the many choices the U.S. has to offer. With its bustling cities, bountiful forests, and shimmering oceans, for the newlyweds on a budget, U.S. honeymoons are a sure way to find paradise in your own backyard. Below are my (Megan) top 5 picks for best U.S. honeymoon spots:

1. The Michalangelo, New York, NY: Get a little taste of Italy in the Big City, while staying at this Venitian inspired luxury hotel. And talk about location! This hotel is within walking distance to shopping on Madison and fifth avenues, Times Square, Central Park, and the Fashion District- just to name a few! With its crystal embellishments, Old World charm, and location, this hotel is sure to have you say “Bellissimo!”

2. Napa Valley, California: Next stop Wine Country! Enjoy the sights and sips in the beautiful countryside of Napa Valley which consists of these fabulous towns - Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Yountville, and Napa city. All of these places offer beautiful countryside, fabulous food and savory wine. Here you can relax in a quaint bed and breakfast or truly get away from it all on a hot-air balloon ride!

3. Las Vegas: Who says the party has to be over after you cut the cake? Continue your celebration on a honeymoon to Vegas! Here you can shop on the strip, visit the Eiffel Tower,(or at least the ½ size replica), and of course gamble. With all of the sights, shopping, and plethora of attractions, the city of sin has plenty of ways for you to rejoice in your holy matrimony!

4. The Don at St. Pete Beach, Florida: Feel like royalty while staying in the “Pink Palace”, a.k.a. the Don CeSar in St. Petersburg, Florida. This European inspired luxury resort and spa is located right on St. Pete Beach and has plenty to offer. From scuba diving, massages, as well as a golf course, this resort has it all! And after celebrating your honeymoon here you can come back for your anniversary and join the 350+ couples on the beach during the Annual Vow Renewal day at the resort.

5. Canoe Bay Wisconsin: Of course being a Wisconsin native, I had to add this one! This cozy but luxurious resort located a few hours northwest of Chicago, boasts 3 private lakes, acres of forest and amenities like personal decks, fireplaces and whirlpools. With the lodge’s restrictions on kids, pets and phones, it is the perfect place to get away from it all!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Create your own cocktail . . . dress!

Need a dress to go with your favorite cocktail? Well just make one - a dress that is! All you need for the ingredients is a classic silhouette, fabulous fabric, and one talented, Chicago designer by the name of Jess Audey.

Audey’s new line is now available at Miss Ruby and it gives custom dress making a new meaning! You start by selecting a silhouette from one of the four she has to offer, and if one of these is the perfect dress for you, you can stop there. But for those with a pickier palate for style, you can mix and match the top and bottom, giving you 16 options to choose from!

Next step the fabric - which is actually upholstery textile! Who says you can’t make a dress out of Grandma’s curtains? With bold colors and dramatic prints like black and white damask, brown and white geometric floral, and zebra prints, these dresses are like the blue cheese stuffed olive to your dirty martini! With classic design and fabulous color and texture, Audey’s line is sure to have you saying, “Another please!”

Make sure to stop in and create your own cocktail dress today. We’ve got some fun styles ready to go if you need something for the weekend. And if you create your own you’ll have the dress in 4-6 weeks. So plan ahead for your next party!

PS – the dresses are a great option for bridesmaids looking for something different and something that can be worn again and again (I promise!)

PSS – Audey donates a portion of the proceeds to charity – so once again we are giving you the opportunity to shop and give back!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A few fun things from Hanle Productions

Don't miss Hanle Productions Studio Open House on July 16 . . .

And don't miss out on the opportunity to win a free wedding photography package or help someone else in need win one . . .