Monday, August 28, 2017

10 Bridal Shopping Tips

1. Bring the Right Group

Who you bring with you to an appointment truly makes or breaks the experience. Many brides feel the need to bring everyone in their bridal party, but it can be hard to coordinate that many schedules, and even if you do, too many opinions can get overwhelming. Bring a couple of most important people in your life and let the gown be a surprise for everyone else!

2. Bring in Photos

We know a lot about wedding dresses, but we don't expect our brides to. If you are seeing styles online that you like, bring photos so that your stylist can get on the same page. Sometimes, we notice similarities about what you are liking that you may never have realized. It makes is so much easier for your stylist to help you find the perfect dress.

3. Always Be Open-Minded

Even if you have a very specific style in mind, be open to the idea that once you try on some gowns, your vision may change. Seeing models in long-sleeves is one thing, wearing long sleeves at your outdoor wedding in August is another. Try on different silhouettes (your stylist will help with this) before totally committing to an idea. 

4. Bring Proper Undergarments

Different dresses will require different undergarments, so bringing things like shape wear, strapless bra, and nude underwear can help you get a better idea of what a dress would really look like on your big day. We recently had a bride show up in a backless bra because she was looking for a gown with a low back and it made for the easiest appointment! 

5. Try On One “Wild Card”

Even if you think you have a good idea of what you want, being open to trying something different could open you up to an option you didn’t know you liked! While it's good to have a specific direction for your gown, let your stylist surprise you with something they think may work for you. You would be surprised how many times the "Wild Card" becomes "The One!"

6. Don't Forget to Eat

Bridal shopping can be tough work, mentally and physically! Whether you go out to celebrate saying “YES “ to your dress or just to unwind, you and your group will be glad to have a little break from bridal gowns. 

7. Don't Be Afraid of Finding Your Gown

This may sound silly, but over-shopping is a very real (and very stressful) thing. If you find a dress that checks all of your boxes and makes you feel amazing, don’t hesitate to commit. This will save you and your group from wasting their you can spend the rest of the day drinking mimosas and celebrating, rather than dragging the experience out. 

8. Be Honest About Your Budget

We have had brides who tell us their budget is $4000 but cringe at paying $1000 for a gown. We have had brides who tell us their budget is $1000 but end up buying a $4000 gown without batting an eyelash. Their is no "right answer" when it comes to your budget, but being honest with your stylist - and yourself - streamlines the process.

9. Take Cute Photos

Shopping for your dress is a big part of planning your wedding, so don’t forget to get some cute shots with your group. Miss Ruby has great photo worthy spots to take pics, and our stylists are happy to take them for you…don’t forget to use #lovemissruby

10. Have Fun!

This is the most important tip, and the easiest one to forget. 
Keep it light and fun and your dream dress might just find you!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

New Bridesmaid Trends for 2018

There are definitely trends that take the wedding world by storm - especially when it comes to wedding colors. There are no "right" or "wrong" colors when it comes to your wedding. However, if you are looking to have a bridal party that is totally fresh in design, check out these twists on popular palettes. 

These new takes on popular colors will give your wedding a fashionable and very 2018 feel. 

Instead of Blush, Try 


Why It Works: 

Blush is a gorgeous pick, but it can read very whimsical. Pick the wrong shade of blush and you end up with your bridesmaids all in bubblegum pink. Mauve is a rich shade that combines elegantly with rich greens and natural greenery, which is perfectly on trend for 2018. 

Pairs Well With: 

- Navy Suits
- Marsala & Emerald Accents
- Greenery

Our Pick: 


a matte mauve from Watters

Instead of Navy, Try

Dusty Blue

Why It Works: 

Navy is a classic wedding color, but too much navy can be too dark and heavy-handed. Plus, it can give off a nautical-vibe if not done correctly. A Dusty Blue is a modern twist on this color. It's easy to wear and perfect for a lux Fall wedding. 

Pairs Well With: 

- Charcoal Suits
- Gold & Ivory Accents
- Vintage Glassware

Our Pick: 


A soft, dusty blue from Dessy Bridesmaids

Instead of Champagne, Try


Why It Works: 

Champagne is one of the hardest colors for bridesmaids to wear. If the bride picks an unflattering undertone, at least one of her bridesmaids is going to look washed out. Taupe is a deeper take on a neutral tone that flatters more skin-tones and looks perfectly on trend. 

Pairs Well With: 

- Tweed Suits
- Shimmering Gold Accents
- Fall Decor & Autumn Tablescapes

Our Pick: 


a rich, breezy taupe from Wtoo

Instead of Pastel Prints, Try

Dark Florals

Why It Works: 

Mix & Match bridesmaids are still on trend, but picking different shades of the same color is the easy way out. The newest trend is combining rich floral prints with a few solids to create a Mix & Match look that no one has seen before!

Pairs Well With: 

- Black Suits 
- Bright Florals
- An Overcast Sky

Our Pick: 

Mixed Textures 

from Watters

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bridesmaid Dress Do's & Don'ts...

As a bride, choosing a dress for yourself to wear to your wedding is one thing. Choosing a dress for several of your closest friends to wear is another. Sometimes, it can be even more difficult than choosing your bridal gown.

We talk to a lot of brides and bridesmaids, and believe me when I say that some brides make the process way easier on their bridesmaids (and themselves) than others. Read below for tips for best bridesmaids dress shopping experience & how find the perfect dress for your besties.

DON'T: Expect Everyone To Look The Same

Having all of your bridesmaids in the same dress is actually easier than doing mix & match styles. However, we sometimes have brides who are insistent upon everyone looking the same at all costs. Keep in mind that the beautiful ladies you picked are all wonderful and unique, which is something that should be celebrated.

Picking the Same Dress for Everyone?
Don't pick strapless style if you have busty or plus-size bridesmaids.
Don't pick a cocktail-length style if you have bridesmaids who are very different heights.
Don't pick a dress that is fitted through the hip if you have a bridesmaid who is expecting.

FYI - Strapless Dresses Sometimes Make People Look Naked!!

DO: Take Body Types Into Consideration

If you do pick the same dress for everyone in your bridal party, choose a style that will work for every body type. Floor-length dresses with straps, a more conservative neckline, and that are bra-friendly are the safest bet.

DON'T Pretend You Don't Care What They Wear

We have a lot of brides who tell their bridesmaids "I don't care what you wear!!" We have VERY FEW brides who actually mean it.

If you have a certain vision you are hoping for your bridesmaids, don't be afraid to speak up! Even though brides think they are being helpful by acting laid-back, often times they are making it harder - in these situations bridesmaids pick dresses they think the bride will like, but they can't read her mind. This leads to lots of indecision and frustration on both sides.

Your wedding vision should not (and will not) make anyone unhappy. 

DO: Express Your Opinions

A lot of brides think this will make them a Bridezilla. But this comes as such a relief for most bridesmaids. Bridesmaids often don't really care what dress they wear, they just want the bride to be happy. A good compromise is to pick a color for each girl and let them pick the style.

DON'T: Make them Match your Bridal Gown

"I'm wearing a strapless satin gown, so that means all my bridesmaids have to have a strapless satin dress too, right?"

Trying to find a bridesmaids dress that perfectly "matches" your bridal gown is something that lots of brides think they need to do to create a cohesive wedding day look. Honestly, the opposite is true. If you find gowns for your girls that are a copy of your bridal gown it can end up looking awkward and matchy-matchy. 

File this under NOPE

DO: Pick Dresses With Similar Style Elements

Instead of trying to find bridesmaids dresses that look like your gown, find ones that compliment your gown. Many brides don't know what this means, but that is what your Miss Ruby Stylist is for!

Style Element Cheat Sheet

If you're wearing a Satin gown, 
pick bridesmaids dresses in crepe, a fabric with a matte texture but the same luxurious look.

If you're wearing a Crepe gown
pick bridesmaids dresses in a non-pleated chiffon to match your gowns sophisticated style.

If you're wearing a Lace gown, 
don't be afraid to let your bridesmaids wear touches of lace. Don't worry, you'll still stand out!

If you're wearing a Tulle gown
romantic chiffon dress with ruffles, drapes, and pleating with compliment your easy, elegant style.

If you're wearing a Beaded gown
let your bridesmaids sparkle in a sequin or lux shimmer chiffon style. They have the perfect amount of sparkle and shine.

DON'T: Let A Bridesmaid Dress Ruin Your Relationship

Weddings are emotionally charged. Shopping in general can be frustrating for some people, and when you pair that with several different opinions on colors and styles, it can push people to the breaking point. We have had brides end up in tears because their friends are being difficult and it breaks our heart.

Whether you are bride or bridesmaid, put everything in perspective. This is a time to celebrate your friendships, not test them. 

Bridal Boutiques are NOT the place for a bridesmaid showdown

DO: Pick A Supportive Group

The number one way to have a pleasant bridesmaids dress shopping experience? Pick a super supportive group. Girls who get along and have the bride's best interests at heart have the best time in our store, and we have the best time working with them! Pick your besties as your bridesmaids and leave your Frenimies for the guest list. 

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Let's Talk Wedding Shoes...

Your shoes can be such a fun part of your wedding day look, and they can be a great way to show off your personal style! Shoes are also a great way to tie your look into your wedding theme. Here are some of our favorites for some of our favorite wedding themes.

The Traditional Bride

The "Pearson" Pump by Badgley Mischka

These Badgley Mishka pumps are never going out of style. They come in three soft colors to perfectly match your wedding gown, and have just enough sparkle to make them feel extra special. 

The Beach Bride

Foot Jewelry by Kara Marie

No shoes needed on the beach! But we love foot jewelry to give your feet some sparkle! The best part? They're from local jewelry designer Kara Marie and can be ordered at Miss Ruby Boutique!

The Laid-Back Bride

White Lace Classics by TOMS

Comfort is key for the bride that just wants to celebrate all night and leave the stress behind! This white lace version of the original Tom’s shoe looks totally bridal and totally comfortable.

Tip: These would also be perfect for any bride to slip on before hitting the dance floor!

The Country Chic Bride

Naomi Bootie by Frye

So many brides let their country style shine often turn to cowboy boots for their wedding day, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, we found this stylish option. We love these white booties by Frye as a chic alternative that feel so much more bridal.