Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dearest Wellies - You are now my new best friend

Well this post is a little different than most but I wore my new wellies (aka rain boots) for the first time today and let me tell you they were worth every penny!  Well they were only $50 or so (courtesy of DSW), but to not have soaking wet feet and water-stained shoes after trudging through the sloppy, snowy mess today makes me one happy girl.  Between heading to and from my car to both of my jobs everyday I walk quite a bit. My UGGS were destroyed last winter from climbing snow banks to pay all those darn parking meters. Anyway, my new wellies are warm & cozy and completely waterproof. It makes splashing in puddles and trudging through snow a whole heck of a lot of fun!  Plus they actually look cute with tights & dresses, or a fav pair of leggings and skinny jeans too. Or you can rock them like Kate Moss and wear them with shorty shorts!


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