Monday, December 6, 2010

Tips for Mothers of the Bride and Groom: How to find the perfect dress

  1. Start Early! We know that as a mom, you put everyone before yourself, especially when your children need help with planning a wedding; but you are just as special.  As the mother of the Bride or Groom, you will be in many pictures and lots of people will be congratulating you as well.  We suggest you start looking for your dress as soon as possible, or at least 7 months prior.
  2. Let the Experts handle it! Brides make personal appointments with specialists to find their wedding gown and so can you. Let the experts help you find the perfect look for your figure and your personality.
  3.  Communicate with the Bride! Talk with the Bride to understand her vision for the wedding. This will help in figuring out the formality of the event and finding out the colors she has chosen for the wedding.
  4. Highlight your best feature! Mothers all over are embracing their fun and youthful attitudes and are starting to show it in their clothing! Don’t be afraid to show off your strengths. If you have great legs, try a cocktail dress. Have amazing arms? Go strapless! When you feel good about the way you look, you will have a better time and it will show in the pictures!
  5. Mother of the Bride vs. Mother of the Groom!  To avoid wearing the same dress, communication between the mothers is crucial. This way both mothers can look ravishing in their own separate, individual looks.
  6. Color your world! While it is important to know what colors the bridesmaids will be wearing, you don’t want the dresses to match exactly. You can try a complimentary color or go completely to the other side of the color wheel.  It is better to compliment than to try and duplicate the same color as the bridesmaids; this can be difficult to match and may end up clashing.  The only colors off limits are white and ivory…let’s keep those for the bride J
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