Monday, January 10, 2011

Wedding Gown Styles: Finding that Perfect Fit for your Figure

While we have now perfected bridal necklines from a blog post a few weeks ago, it is time to figure out what to do with the rest of your figure! Here are a few of the best and brightest skirting styles bridal has to offer!

The Column: Also referred to as a sheath, this sleek and straightforward look will gently skim along your body hugging all your curves. Created in light chiffon, the column will look effortless for a casual outdoor or destination wedding or add a touch of modern sophistication with a silk taffeta to create a bit more structure.  Perfect for:  lean and petite ladies who want to elongate their body lines, or tall and athletic ladies who want to show off their days at the gym.

The Ballgown: Typically features a close-fitted bodice top which flows into a full floor length gown and is absolutely essential for that fairy tale wedding. Perfect for: all body types! But works magic for short-waisted, or pear shaped brides as it will help to create waist definition all the while concealing your bottom half.  Shorter brides should pay attention to the fullness of the skirt as it may overpower your figure.

The Empire-Waist:  The empire waist gown is defined by its high-hitting waistline which falls right below the bust line and then flows right into the bottom hem. Perfect for: While most body types can pull this look off, it is ideal for a smaller-chest as the raised waistline helps to create definition as well as helping to draw the eye upward towards the neckline. Due to its lack of waist definition, it is also ideal for thicker-waisted brides or pregnant brides. So now you can eat all the wedding cake you want and look fabulous to boot!

The Mermaid: This stunning showstopper snuggly contours the body from the chest to the knees and then dramatically flares out from the knees to the floor. Perfect for: A confident bride! If you are tall, curvy or long-waisted, this dress will elegantly show off all your best assets.

The A-Line:  A complete classic, the A-line features a fitted bodice which then carries into a fluid line which gently flares from the underarm to the hem, which creates the letter “A.” This has been a favorite of brides both past and present and it is easy to see why. Perfect for: Absolutely every bride! You just can’t go wrong!

Let us figure out your figure! With so many fabulous choices, where does one begin??? We invite you to make an appointment and let us help you find that perfect style for your body.

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