Monday, February 14, 2011

Do all brides get that "feeling"?

If you are a bride you know what I am referring to. I am talking about the rush of emotion, the tears, the feeling in your that gut tells you "YES THIS IS THE DRESS!!  We have all seen this reaction on so many brides in magazines, movies and on tv.  And because of all of this brides feel that they haven't found the perfect bridal gown until they get these "feelings". 

Through my past experience shopping for my gown and then assisting with hundreds of brides in finding theirs at Miss Ruby I can tell you that not all brides get the "feeling".  Some brides are more emotional than others. So you'll see tears. But there are so many brides that don't shed a tear either. I have seen so many brides put so much pressure on themselves and second guess themselves because they aren't balling their eyes out.

There are of course going to be the brides that break out in tears because they are overwhelmed with emotion in how beautiful they feel in the gown.. And there are going to be brides that break out in tears because decision making is so difficult and that once they choose their gown they'll break out in tears because they are so happy to have finally been able to make a decision!  I was one of those brides! And then there is the brides with no tears at all. Which is totally fine too! 

Brides just need to ask themselves am I happy in this gown? Do I not want to take it off? Can I picture myself in this gown on my wedding day? Do I feel comfortable? If the answers are yes but there aren't any worries!  Believe me you are going to look gorgeous, tears or not!  And one last thing - the dress is all about you and what you want!  Many brides look for reassurance from a mother, family member or a close friend and aren't always going to get it. It is YOUR choice. Don't lose confidence in what you choose!

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