Monday, March 14, 2011

How many is too many to bring dress shopping?
For most brides shopping for their bridal gown is one of the most fun and exciting parts of the entire wedding planning process. What girl doesn't love to play dress-up with gorgeous gowns in luxurious fabrics? Right? And most girls want to involve all of their favorite people in this special day.

But as much as you love your mom, your sisters, your friends and your in-laws we highly recommend not bringing them all along on your dress shopping excursions. Selecting your gown should be about finding exactly what YOU want and feel beautiful in. Not what everyone else wants you to wear or pictures you in.

I could tell you hundreds of stories from our experiences with brides. We have seen so many brides that have found that one dress that makes them smile bigger than any other bridal gown and that has made them feel like the most beautiful bride ever. They've determined it is the dress of their dreams. But then their hearts are crushed when they exit the fitting room and someone in their entourage immediately exclaims "no, this is not the one" or "you look too this or too that!"  It is so sad to see this happen to the bride.  This ruins the experience for the bride and also may make the bride miss out on her perfect gown.

In the end the only opinion that truly counts is YOURS! But if you bring a large group along someone is bound to say something you don't want to hear creating a recipe for disaster. We suggest bringing along one or two people that you love and that truly care about your feelings and what you want. This will create a much more enjoyable experience for you and will ensure that you find the dress of your dreams!

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