Monday, September 20, 2010

Bridesmaid Duties - Creating a Wedding Day Survival Kit

We all know that being a bridesmaid comes along with quite a few responsibilities. To be a rock star bridesmaid you need to make sure that one of those duties involves being prepared for the unexpected on wedding day! You never know what could happen - bride gets a blister, the maid of honor drips wine on her dress, etc. etc. Gather the following items to create a "wedding day survival kit" to bring with you on the big day:

*  Bottled water
*  Mints
*  Band-aids
*  Tissues
*  Hairspray
*  Bobbie pins
*  Mini sewing kit
*  Stain remover
*  Snacks
*  Double sided tape
*  Dental floss
*  Nail file
*  Tampon
*  Deodorant
*  Tums
*  Tylenol
*  Mirror
*  Scissors
*  Super glue
*  Pins

Tote along these items and any little problem will be taken care of in no time. And you could even buy a cute little clutch or handbag to carry it all around in!


Eugenia Woods said...

Your profile picture is absolutely adorable! Great blog.

Miss Ruby said...

Thanks Eugenia!