Monday, October 18, 2010

What to do with the baby bump: Tips on finding the perfect dress for your pregnant bridesmaid

Recent studies have shown that almost 50% of all weddings will include a pregnant bridesmaid or bride walking down the aisle. But fear not!  Bridal designers all over the country are taking notice of this growing trend and are now catering to the mommy-to-be population by creating many helpful dress options. 

Baby Friendly Bridesmaid Dresses
Each woman is different as far as how much she will grow throughout her pregnancy, so use this information the best way it will cater to your needs:

* Less is More. Stick to a classic, elegant style of dress without the frills and bows; additional embellishments like these can sometimes make a person look bigger than they actually are.

* Empire Waistline. Most bridesmaids 4-5 months pregnant will probably not have an issue ordering a regular bridesmaid dress, but to ensure a proper fit always opt for an empire waist dress. The means the waistline will fall right below the bust line, leaving your waist free from definition and plenty of room for baby.

* Keep it Light. Soft fabrics like chiffon or silk shantung will not only flow gracefully over the body, but will be very breathable keeping your pregnant bridesmaid cool and comfortable. 

Try this fabulous flowing number by Bari Jay.

* Maternity Wear. Bridesmaids at least six months pregnant should consider ordering a maternity style dress, and there are many fabulous options to choose from. Many designers create maternity versions of their bridesmaid collections to help create flawless cohesion throughout your bridal party.

Many dresses by Siri can be ordered as maternity or as a regular bridesmaid dress, like this stunning silk shantung Empire Puff dress.

* Incorporate different styles.  It is also very simple to incorporate a maternity dress that differs from the other maids. By picking a dress of the same color, fabric and similar dress stylings, all of your girls will look amazing and feel comfortable in what they are wearing, leaving you with one happy and confident bridal party!
While both dresses from Watters feature a different neckline, the black sash along the waist, as well as the similar skirt are small details that can help create a uniform look. Both styles are made of a Silk Dupioni and are available in the same colors. 

Time to order: How to choose a size
* Measure early. It is best to get your measurements early on in the pregnancy. Those measurements can be used to gauge the best size to order.

*  Order a maternity style dress instead of a regular bridesmaid dress. Most maternity dress options will have a quicker lead time than regular bridesmaid dresses, helping to give a more accurate size for the wedding date. We encourage you to get fitted 10-12 weeks before the wedding date to allow enough time for shipping and ample time for any needed alterations.
* All designers include rush options which can range everywhere from 4-10 weeks. While there will be an additional charge, it may be worth the peace of mind to know your dress will fit perfectly.
* Order up! If you are ordering a dress from the bridesmaid collection as opposed to a maternity style, order a few sizes larger than what you expect to be.  Dresses can always be taken in, but it will be a bit more difficult to make them larger. Extra fabric can always be ordered as back-up, in order to add in additional panels.

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Rebekah said...

Great advice! As a two-time pregnant bridesmaid (one last month at 7 months pregnant, and one this Saturday at 8 months), I wish I would've known some of these tips when I actually ordered the dresses. Especially the ordering extra fabric. It's so hard to know what size you're going to be, so having extra fabric on hand to create panels is a real lifesaver.